Biden’s Legacy on Crime

Written by Dr. Derpology


  1. I hate that those on the left listen to the main stream media and think they are informed.

    Democrats earlier: "All caps are B**", Democrats now: "Yes let's vote for Kamala Harris"

    Democrats earlier: “You don’t need guns, police protect you”, Democrats now: “get rid of all police”

    Democrats earlier: “Stay at home, 6 ft apart”, Democrats now: "Protest in crowds of tens of thousands for days on end all 0.1 ft apart"

    Democrats earlier: "If elected I will secure our border, with a wall", Democrats now: "Walls are racist"

    Democrats in February: "Why is Trump banning all flights from China and Wuhan, that's xenophobic, we are actively fighting to prevent him from doing this ban", Democrats now: "Trump did not do enough to prevent Covid"

    When will the brain washing end, it's so sad to watch happen to my fellow Americans who are convinced they are informed because they are lied to on a daily basis. But how can it get to the point where the left can literally 180º change its stance 1 week later and everyone follows suit as if they never supported the previous stance just earlier? Boggles the mind what is happening in our country to our distracted citizens…