Biden’s Lies About Afghanistan Are Beginning to Unravel | Glenn Beck | Direct Message | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Glenn Beck, author of “Arguing With Socialists”, founder of, about all the lies we’ve been told about the collapse of Afghanistan. After 20 years of the Afghanistan War the Taliban have completely taken over the country. Glenn debunks the various lies that the Biden administration has told us about the catastrophic failure of the Afghanistan withdrawal. In a leaked transcript of a call between Joe Biden and then Afghani president Ashraf Ghani, Biden told him to lie about the possibility of a Taliban takeover. Glenn also discusses the success of his Nazarene Fund in helping to rescue persecuted Christians from Afghanistan.


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    Although horrific, the rest of the other issues- BORDERS RUN OVER, VACCINE FEAR AND CONTROL ARE ALL THEIR BULLSHIT!

  2. Biden caught lying? I thought when his lips were moving he was lying. He's been lying for 47 years. Don't take no expert to realize when he's lying. And the sheeple just love his lies. The sheeple don't want to know the truth.

  3. But other than the fact Biden is worried about perception are you sure he is lying or failing. The war with these terrorists is a religious blood feud. Are you so certain that along with 84 billion in arms, ammunition and equipment he didn't also deal to throw in America's chosen leader of Afghanistan and a few hundred American citizens to sweeten the pot? Biden said his plan worked perfectly and you are the ones that refuse to take him at his word. Perhaps do a tally of those getting snuck out of that country against the state department's will and find out which president they supported? I mean seriously! How about some investigation to see how far evil the American government already went? If they were willing to abandon American citizens to terrorists in the first place how is it a bridge to far to be a plan??? With this administration it should be clear that people should be starting ant the worst and most evil possibilities first and working back from there.

  4. athiest here–and frankly i saw some of this kind of stuff from the christian right as a kid, and to be clear. NOT all christians, id even argue not the majority. But it does exist on the right as well. People in their "camp" that are willing to say, do or just ignore the worst of things so long as you are not on "their" side…also willing to ignore horrendous behavior from those 'on" their side. its always been sickening. What Glenn is doing and trying to do, is truly beautiful, but it is marred by the horridness of those who are willingly ignoring yet more atrocities.

    the sad thing is, i wish this surprised me. it doesnt. people still buy apple, even after the child labor, even after(and currently still using) slave labor, even after its known working conditions are SO bad that people are commiting suicide by the hundreds a year to get away from it. And that is just one, TINY example of horrid shit that people gladly ignore, because hey its the other side, or its in some other part of the world, and SURE they are contributing..but its trendy to their "friends", so who cares! Im honestly sick of it…but its the very shitty world we live in.

  5. This is just a simple case of the elites trying to move all of the wealth abroad ( to China and Russia) where they have other powerful elites that base ALL of their actions around their rings of pedophilia

  6. Dave, dave, dave… Black rifle coffee company is a huge democrat supporter, donated tens of thousands to the dem money pit Actblue….. They are frauds and like me, I was duped by them and supported them until I heard about this and contacted them about it. They admit and then threaten anyone that raises hell about their democrat holdings and support. I would never support these people again.

  7. It’s fully ducked up! Biden should be awaiting trial for treason in GiTmo. God Bless our allies, our citizens and those left behind… Still in disbelief by this horrific event. Thank you to our military and veterans, your bravery, integrity and sacrifices are always in my prayers 🙏🏻

  8. @15:44 Of course they will be impeached. Of course they will be kicked out of the office and in the most graphic and most publicly televised manner – so stop saying they will not be held accountable – of course they will – you need to speak out what you want to see happen

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