Bidens Nonstop Lying is Why Various Groups Stopped Fact Checking His Statements

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  1. Weekly jobless claims keep going up past expectations despite a record number of jobs open in America. People are too comfortable sucking the government teat and are making more money staying home. Yet the states are the bad guys for wanting to end the enhanced unemployment benefits.

  2. gotta love how there is no law and justice Biden and his cabal break thousands of us laws on a daily basis no one cares or enforces them because America is corrupt not free and owned by a small group of rich people the only solution is violence

  3. "Fact Checkers" only "Fact Check" for Democrats and the left. When it comes to thier facts, it's NEVER criticized, only copied, duplicated and labeled "Facts" from the "Experts" to further be referenced down the road as "The Facts". That is what Happens when CNN Alumni are majority of Fact Checkers aka "Lead Stories". They know we all see that, they are just boasting and flexing.

  4. I would like to watch more of your videos, I've been a subscriber for a long time, but I have to mention your audio quality. I think it's time to invest in a new mic, because your audio quality is shallow, tinny, and a bit crunchy. I'm sure a new microphone would fix that for you.

  5. I’m not convinced we would have had a ***demic if Trump had lost in 2016. I don’t think we would have had George Floyd protests either. The media wouldn’t have wanted to hurt a Clinton presidency.

  6. The "if you get vaccinated you can still get Covid" is the biggest lie of all of this. It's PCR antibody testing that they're doing – which is why it's more worrying that not everyone who is vaccinated is coming back positive (should be much higher). It's setting it up for more mask mandates and scare tactics. The fact they never say which vaccine is "allowing people to be reinfected" despite all the vaccines being VASTLY different (J&J isn't even an mRNA vaccine) is proof of them just trying to scare people back into submission again.

  7. I've been watching my comments being removed within moments, sometimes immediately, by refreshing the page. On multiple channels. It seems like my account is being followed, as silly as it sounds. But I've been paying attention. It's definitely happening alot!

    Particularly when I'm talking about a political topic. Even saying something as simple as "My body, my choice" on vaccine videos. Or making obvious, common sense statements against gun control, without using bad language, or anything against ToS.

  8. Honestly, why bother to fact-check a mindless senile old criminal?
    Biden has not actually told the truth in decades.
    It's far easier to simply assume Biden is lying every time noise comes from his mouth.

  9. What SHOULD be done is a play by play as to what Trump was doing on THIS day vs what Biden is doing. We SHOULD have been doing this for the last seven months – and should do it every day from now on.

  10. Trump: We have enough burgers to stack to the moon.

    Msm: Trump is a liar! He doesn't have that many burgers!

    Regular Americans: ?‍♀️

  11. Fact Checkers: "Biden is like an angel…"
    Me: "Yeah, a Biblical angel: malevolent, alien, and a heartless destroyer with limitless power and no meaningful means of civil redress."

  12. Here’s what puzzles me. If you were vaccinated to promote antibodies that could recognize and kill the covid virus how can you carry that virus in your body to spread to others? This is like believing in two opposite ideas at the same time. It’s like Schroedinger’s cat. (In a whisper because you know “who” was just up on the table: it was either alive or dead or both at the same time according to quantum theory) Is this the first quantum virus? You are vaccinated but still can be infected and spread the disease or are they and have they been and I men governments and Big Pharma lying? That sounds inconceivable of politicians anyway. The real question would be why would they lie? I’ll have to ask Joe. He knows. I also want tips on how to handle an 18 wheeler .

  13. Good one Styx! I wish the fact checkers would be doing the same to Biden. I don’t know how many of my Democrat friends would thrive on using that info to make their case. I knew the bias, but that’s just a conspiracy theory ?

  14. They try to steer the formation of society by tilting definitions. If you need to know what something means, look it up. If they TELL YOU WHAT SOMETHING MEANS, definitely look it up!

  15. So… Biden is propagating misinformation?…
    But Big Tech won't ban him from social media…
    I guess they didn't get the White House memo about banning people who propagate misinformation…