Biden’s “Plan” To Fix Inflation Is Insulting To Your Intelligence

Joe Biden recently published an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal detailing his plan, to the extent he has one, to deal with the inflation crisis. What the opinion piece reveals, more than anything else, is that Biden not only has no real conception of what is causing prices to rise, but he also is woefully short on ideas for what to do about the problem.

In this conversation with Jimmy, The New School’s visiting economics professor Richard Wolff tears into Biden and the Democratic Party for a lack of imagination and failing to rise to the moment when so many Americans are struggling.

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  1. LMAO Joe says he's going to reduce insulin costs when it was his admin that immediately revoked Trump's EO that was going to reduce costs for drugs like insulin.

  2. It just occurs to me that this is the exact moment when a Capitalist country in the financial desperation America is in should convert to socialism. The pundits say a recession/depression (and austerity) are the only things that can effectively bring down inflation. From the view of the Capitalist that is the ONLY consideration. But, a socialist response would have to address the welfare of the people as a co-equal mandate. Actually, the 1% reverts to socialism/collectivism when the sh*t hits the fan. Or, like Major League Baseball. But, the power to clean up Capitalist crashes should be taken away from the Capitalists. Jus’ sayin.’

  3. "Why do Americans allow this theater?"

    Because elections are rigged to keep the uniparty in power. Wolf sounds like a clown for saying Trump didn't do anything. Who finally forced a renegotiation of NAFTA after decades of politicians claiming they would fix NAFTA (including Obama & Biden)? Trump. Who finally called out the abuse trade deal with China? Trump. Obama bent over and let China destroy US solar panel manufacturers, and then proceeded to continue on with the garbage TPP negotiations while guys like Biden and Romney positioned themselves to profit off of moving US manufacturing jobs to China.

  4. Jimmy doesn't get baseball yet likes boxing. I agrue that one on one baseball is the most similar to boxing and tennis when it comes to one on one sports. No one can block for you. No one can set a pick for you. It is me versus you. I'm gonna get you out with my 95 mph fastball or 85 mph change up, or slider in the dirt. And then, when Jose Ramirez hits your weak as pitch into the corner, he races to third and slides in just ahead of the throw. Then the next guy has to try and knock him home. Yeah, you could pinch hit for the next guy, but you can't keep letting Jose hit over and over again. Also, I'm the greatest pitcher, but you can't use me everyday.

  5. americans better revolt and protest now because only US can negotiate and make peace with Russia not Ukraine and they can do it now. The thing is US deliberately prolonging the war to have a chance to weaken Russia

  6. Baseball>punching dudes in the face. I love your politics, Jimmy. Baseball is the greatest sport. Can you hit my fastball? Nobody can help you. It's kinda like getting punched in the mouth, but with sportsmanship.

  7. Seriously, is anyone surprised by this? Biden told you what he was going to do, so if you voted for this moron, you deserve everything that is going on right now.

  8. the really sad and disgusting part is that theres actually other people as delusional and berzerk as this blithering liar maniac as he drives the country into financial collapse and otherwise into total moral and intellectual destruction

  9. Why do people put up with it?? 2 years of lockdowns, mandates and bullshittery. People are tired, struggling or brain dead…..but a very few have done exceedingly well and still are, because they are running the country……….into the ground… and it doesn’t bother them a bit…and Joe Biden will be the fall guy.

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