Bidens Polling Craters Even More, Gap Approaches 12 Points, Disapproval Nears 54

And all these polls are now post infrastructure deal:


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  1. I'm just putting my life is froze mode until we can get the blue out of our government.
    Buy nothing buy what I need for basic survival. Don't go anywhere.
    Just stop buying, until the democrats are purged from our government.

  2. Biden may just be the first President (real or imaginary) that is “polled” out of existence. Kamala will be booted out upon entry, Pelosi will have long been brought up on charges and Leahy is already out of Dodge‼️ Then Who

  3. This is exactly what happened in Venezuela. People are worried about inflation and shortages, so they start spending huge money that does nothing only to exacerbate the problem. Impeach, sweep Republicans, and reverse everything Biden has passed to prevent the greater depression. These authoritarians never learn.

  4. It's really weird that they would allow such polling to be reported? They censor everything else, so why would they allow low polling to be published? I suppose the numbers don't matter so long as they're not reported in the mainstream? I don't know if they are reported to the public or not.

  5. Not just trucking, people who have never worked in Logistics don't realise that one extra container outside of schedule can cause havoc at a DC, multiple containers is chaos.

  6. But Biden is going to reduce inflation by removing tax on Chinese products. Yes, prices will go down reducing inflation, BUT the trade deficit will be even higher from record numbers, more Chinese products will be made and sold in USA, less production in USA!

  7. Biden has no bottom ! I see him leaving the presidency at 32% favorability and the position given to horrible Harris who literally has a 25% favorability poll, lol!! Dems drove off a fuc*ing cliff and now they are screaming as they slowly become a defunct fractured party with radical authoritarians in leadership positions , lol. O boy are the radicals going to pay for doubling down. On critical praxis applied principles in schools. Parents are woke to this racist shit and the media cannot reel it back in now. Trump destroyed the media love him or hate him , it needed to be done.

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