Biden’s Red Line on Taiwan? | Gain of Function in Wuhan Lab?

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Has the US vowed to defend Taiwan if China were to invade it? That seems to be the case after Biden gave an unambiguous answer to that question during a CNN town hall. But is that really US policy now? It’s not so clear… The US has been funding gain-of-function research in China, despite what Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has been saying. And there’s a growing real estate crisis in China that could wipe out foreign investments. Fortunately, the Chinese Communist Party has a plan! Maybe…on paper…for the media… Watch this episode of China Uncensored for that and more of this week’s China news headlines.

Protests Erupt! Could China’s Economy Tank Over Evergrande Collapse?

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Written by China Uncensored

China Uncensored will bring you the uncensored truth about the Chinese Communist Party's secret plan to take over the world. Just kidding.


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    For the past 25 years I like other neoconservatives have increasingly warned of the danger posed by both the chinese communist party and advanced technology including genetically targeted biological weapons. (1) Indeed my warnings where reiterated to a higher degree since the beginning of the Chinese communist party pandemic Wuhan COVID-19.

    In Unrestricted Warfare (2) the Chinese communist party has since 1999 illustrated a couple of key points to asymmetrically counter United States conventional / strategic military power. First is the Chinese communist party focus on grey zone conflict / other than war operations. The idea being to look how the chinese communist party could attack the United States in a manner that denies / frustrates the United States ability to respond. The other focus in the significant role biological weapons plays in the Chinese communist party’s attempt to offset United States conventional / strategic military advantage. Some of the key milestones in the development / employment of Chinese communist party support for genetically targeted biological weapons include but are not limited to:

    1. The Chinese communist party’s view of total warfare as outlined by Military Civil Fusion (3)

    2. Colonel Ji-Wei Guo of the People’s Liberation Army’s Southwest Hospital, Third Military Medical University in Chongqing, China described a new type of bioweapon (4)

    3. The Chinese communist party’s consistent effort to collect widespread genetic data on Americans (5)

    4. The Chinese communist party’s effort to insulate itself from a similar response (6)

    The point being in keeping with the Chinese communist party’s grand strategy against the United States the Chinese communist party has for the past two decades invested in advanced genetically targeted bio weaponry while insulating the Chinese communist party from a similar retaliatory response.

    To all those in the patriotic bloc pull your heads out of your fucking ass, stop jerking off with gun oil and get your friggly ass to school to learn how to defend yourself and our nation against the war waged against you / us in the manner that said war is being waged. Put another way the battle space going forwards is going to be increasing defined by science and technology and NOT bombs, bullets and bodies.


    1a. Rebuilding Americas Defenses Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century, A Report of The Project for the New American Century September 2000 page 60 (When Neoconservatives similar to myself tried to warn America in 2000:

    “And advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool”

    2a. Unrestricted Warfare China's Master Plan to Destroy America –

    2b. Unrestricted Warfare Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui (Beijing: PLA Literature and Arts Publishing House, February 1999 –

    3a. The Chinese Communist Party’s Military-Civil Fusion Policy –


    4a. Development of military biotechnology and the future of bio-based war – XU Chi, LOU Tie-zhu#,BO Xiao-chen,XUE Quan,MAO Jun-wen,HE Fu-chu(Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Beijing 100850,China)

    “As an emerging technology, military biotechnology expands the concept of weaponry and equipment, and becomes an important driving force behind the weaponry and equipment development. In recent years, great breakthroughs have been made in many fields of military biotechnology, such as synthetic biology, brain-computer interface and brain control, biological materials, bio-inspired machinery, bio-fuels, bio-electronics, bio-computings and non-lethal weapons, leading to the birth of new operational concepts. In future wars, military biotechnology will promote the bio-based weaponry and equipment, bio-based forces and bio-based combat style.”

    4b. Ultramicro, Nonlethal, and Reversible Looking Ahead to Military Biotechnology Colonel Guo Ji-wei, The People’s Liberation Army, China, and Xue-sen Yang –

    4c. Ultramicro, Nonlethal, and Reversible Looking Ahead to Military Biotechnology Colonel Guo Ji-wei, The People’s Liberation Army, China, and Xue-sen Yang –


    5b. China’s gene giant harvests data from millions of women –

    5c. China's push to control Americans' health care future –

    6a. 5 year plan precision medicine regulations of the people’s republic of china on the management of human genetic resources, National Security focus includes special limitations on foreign access (article 7):

    “Foreign organizations individuals and their institutions established or actually controlled shall not collect or preserve human genetic resources in China within the territory of our country, and may not provide human genetic resources of our country abroad”

    7. Scientific Risk Assessment of Genetic Weapon Systems –

  2. Taiwan, all you gotta do is look at Biden's blunder with Afghanistan and Biden's CDC, FDA and Fauci and you know the answer, will Biden protect Taiwan? So gear up with the Samurai spirit to repel commie China.

  3. America doesn’t deserve to defend Taiwan. America is a degenerate country filled with sodomy and is developing into a dictatorship just like China. If anything, Taiwan should be allies with countries such as Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia, the Baltic nations, Greece, pacific island nations, India, and Nepal

  4. 8:05 The new viruses are not the same. The original Covid -19 virus was targeted, and possibly eliminated, by the non-vaccine Covid vaxx.
    The niche opened up by the elimination of Covid-19 has allowed the growth of 3500 variants, presumably still WITH the gain of function HIV and MERS (etc) additions.

  5. I enjoy how Biden said we would defend Taiwan, only to have Washington Democrats release a press statement stating that Biden was delusional.
    Chinese Communist Companies will not be paying their $2 Trillion Foreign Debt, but I'll be damned if Communists don't demand Capitalists pay their debts.

  6. Sounds like Taiwan's fu*ked to me. There right next door China's in a spot now. If they don't they look weak they don't have anything to loose it would seem. But any country sticking their noses into China's fight have a lot to loose. China wins a win win situation.

  7. The snippet from the report didn't seem like they were describing gain of function, as i understand gain of function is sort of like speeding up evolution by rapidly breed the virus, and not direct modification.

  8. Chris, you just misrepresented Biden entirely. He is referring to the Sino-American Mutual Defense Treaty. Therefore, there has been no change in policy, and Jen Psaki did not walk anything back. I have to say, this spin is why I stopped watching your channel

  9. The sad fact is the US won't be able to do much when China invades Taiwan because the territory is too small and too close to mainland China. Plus Taiwan is not worth enough for the US to start World War III by defending it. Everybody knows this. BUT American leaders aren't stupid and they must have a Plan B. What that is…. ?????

  10. As of now, China is the worst country in the world due to the Terrorist organisation called the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ruling the country. In addition to being solely responsible for the global outbreak of the CCP Virus pandemic, here are a few reasons from a very long list, why CCP is indeed a global Terrorist entity:

    A) Internal behavior
    1) There is no democracy in China. There is only one party, and that is the Chinese Communist Party. Only this party can form government in China. There is no fear or importance of elections or Chinese citizens’ opinion to the rulers of China. The People's Liberation Army (PLA) is the sword arm of the CCP
    2) Lies, Deceit, Duplicity and Hypocrisy are the four cornerstone virtues of the CCP. For instance, CCP has diabolically named everything “People’s” in China, like People’s Republic of China, People’s Liberation Army, People’s Bank of China, etc. However, these very “People” have no freedom in China, whatsoever. The People can’t even voice any dissent. The People have to toe the line of the CCP
    3) Chinese citizens live under oppression of the CCP. Chinese citizens have no rights to protest against the so-called government of China, which is an autocratic entity. If they do protest, then they are either imprisoned or mostly likely persecuted. For eg, violence by the CCP against peaceful pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong in 2019. The CCP is breaking the agreement reached between China and Hong Kong over autonomy of Hong Kong by changing laws in a way that give the CCP the power to transfer political undertrials from Hong Kong to China. The natural protests that followed in Hong Kong were dealt with an iron fist by the CCP, thus tormenting the peaceful and democratic citizens of Hong Kong for months
    4) CCP killed more than 10,000 of its own citizens during the ‘1989 Democracy Movement’. The ‘Tiananmen Square Massacre’ in particular was the bloodiest of all. CCP even recovered money for the bullets from the parents of the youths that it killed in the massacre
    5) CCP literally grabs land from its farmers, and puts them out of work. Then, makes them work for long hours for peanuts in the new factories built on the farmers’ lands. Also, the free housing provided is nothing short of ghettos. After doing all this, CCP claims it has pulled its citizens out of poverty. In reality, CCP pushes its farmers into poverty, and then abuses them economically. That's why labor, land and real estate, and legal costs are so cheap in China. That is how China has become the manufacturing hub of the world

    B) Conquest of countries by CCP
    1) Tibet
    Tibet was a free country for more than 2,000 years. In 1950, CCP just brazenly invaded Tibet and annexed it as its own territory
    2) Taiwan
    Taiwan is a legitimately independent country. But, CCP's expansionist greed is trying to annex Taiwan as its territory
    3) East Turkestan (Xinjiang)
    The Uyghur Muslims of East Turkestan are being thrown into Nazi-like concentration camps by the CCP, under the garb of "boarding schools" to crush their freedom struggle with an iron fist. For example,
    – the inmates are continuously shown pro-CCP propaganda
    – they are forced to do anti-Islamic practices like eating pork and drinking liquor
    Even the Uyghur Muslims outside these concentration camps are treated miserably by the CCP. For instance,
    – the Uyghur Muslim males under 50 years of age are not allowed to keep beards
    – a lot of mosques have been demolished
    – whatever few mosques are left, are under strict surveillance of the CCP. For example, there are CCTV cameras everywhere in the mosques, and CCP police and PLA are placed at every few metres inside these mosques
    – even the new buildings in East Turkestan are not allowed to have Islamic architecture anymore
    – newborn Uyghur Muslim boys can’t be given certain Islamic names such as Mohammad, etc. as per the dictate of CCP
    CCP is carrying out the genocide of Uyghur Muslims of East Turkestan. Here are a few examples of CCP’s monstrous atrocities against the Uyghur Muslims:
    – Uyghur Muslim women are forcefully sterilised by the CCP
    – CCP also carries out forceful abortions of pregnant Uyghur Muslim women
    – Many Uyghur Muslim women are forcefully married off to Han Chinese men
    – CCP purposely settles Han Chinese people in East Turkestan to permanently change the demography

    C) CCP's behavior with its neighbors
    1) India
    i) In 1962, CCP invaded India and annexed Aksai Chin, a sizeable portion of the Indian union territory of Ladakh, as its territory
    ii) PLA regularly keeps transgressing into Indian side of the LAC (Line of Actual Control)
    iii) The PLA is a medieval and barbaric so-called military force, which kills soldiers of its neighbouring countries by ambushing them with nail studded clubs and barbwire-rolled baseball bats. For instance, attack by the CCP goons on the honourable Indian Army soldiers in June 2020 at patrol point 14 in the Ladakh region of India, in which 20 Indian soldiers lost their precious lives and almost a 100 of them got injuried, some of whom critically
    iv) CCP does not want to settle the border dispute with India despite several rounds of talks. This way, CCP wants to keep India on this edge all the time
    v) CCP keeps:
    – blocking UN (United Nations) ban on terrorists that attack India. For instance, CCP blocked the UN listing of Masood Azhar as a global terrorist for years. Masood Azhar is a terrorist that was released after the hijacking of Indian flight IC814 in December 1999. After his release, Masood Azhar went to Pakistan, and under the orders of the Pakistani Army carried out a number of ghastly terror attacks on India, including the 2001 terror attack on the Indian parliament, which is the global temple of democracy
    – blocking India’s membership at the NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group)
    – blocking India’s UNSC (UN Security Council) permanent seat
    vi) CCP illegally builds infrastructure in PoK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) which is legally a part of India. This means, CCP does not recognize the One-India policy, whereas CCP bullies the world to recognize its One-China policy
    2) Mongolia
    CCP arm-twists landlocked Mongolia into accepting its terms to get access to seaports. Also, CCP levies a lot of charges on Mongolia for using its seaports
    3) Vietnam
    CCP bullies Vietnam by restricting its access to the oilfields in South China Sea. The name South China Sea doesn't make the sea China's property, just as Indian Ocean does not belong to India alone
    4) PLAAF and Navy keep transgressing into sovereign maritime territories of its neighbors such as Japan, Phillipines, Malaysia, etc. under the garb of military exercises, despite strong protests against China by these smaller countries

    D) No respect for international law, despite China being a founding member of the United Nations and a permanent member of the UN Security Council
    1) South China Sea (SCS)
    CCP has violated the international maritime laws by illegally constructing artificial islands in the SCS, so that CCP can claim the entire SCS as its own maritime territory. This way, CCP wants to illegally take control of the major trade routes. Also, CCP is trying to keep the entire oil found under SCS for itself. CCP brazenly rejected the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling, and is continuing to build artificial islands in SCS
    2) Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)
    CCP is building roads between various countries without any consideration to any country’s sovereignty. CCP has hegemonic designs under the BRI project
    3) Illegal transfer of military nuclear technology to rogue nations
    CCP has illegally transferred military nuclear technology to rogue nations such as Pakistan and North Korea, thus violating international laws

    E) Global Behavior
    1) Just look at some of CCP's closest allies, namely, Pakistan and North Korea. Other than military nuclear technology, CCP keeps supplying latest conventional military equipment, and provides massive economic and political support to such barbaric nations. CCP nurtures these rogue nations as its proxies to coerce other nations into accepting its terms
    2) CCP tries to put countries under the burden of debt by providing loans in the name of development. Then, CCP gets its way when these debt-ridden countries are unable to repay the loans, for eg, Sri Lanka and many African countries such as Djibouti
    3) CCP is trying to encircle India in India's own neighborhood in order to contain India's economic growth and political influence. For instance, CCP is trying to bribe political parties in India’s ally countries such as Nepal, Maldives, Bangladesh, etc. to work against India, and for CCP. Instead of being a supporter of development, CCP believes in slowing or even stopping development of other countries. No country can become a superpower by degrading other countries' growth
    4) CCP bullies the world to buy their products, services and brands, but, CCP itself does not allow other countries’ brands to operate in China. For example, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube etc. are blocked in China. Chinese citizens are compelled to use CCP monitored platforms such as Wechat, Weibo, etc. On other hand, CCP pushes the world to use its services like Zoom, Tiktok, etc. that are under its surveillance
    5) PLA Navy sends its naval flotillas and submarines in regions sensitive to other countries for intelligence gathering, surveillance, training, et al. For instance, PLA Navy vessels’ presence in IOR (Indian Ocean Region) and Arabian Sea are a matter of concern to India. On the other hand, CCP makes a big hue and cry, if any other countries’ naval vessels enter the SCS even for transit purposes. For example, US navy vessels in transit in SCS to Japan, Taiwan, etc.
    6) CCP imposed trade sanctions on Australia for not toeing its line about the CCP Virus pandemic on global platforms

    The list goes on and on…

  11. What I find funny is that in Taiwan, the pro-independence party, is called the Democratic Progressive Party. As opposed to the US, where Democrats and Progressives are simps who point to China as “good communism”.

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