Biden’s REFUSAL To Condemn Antifa Is EXACTLY Why I’m Voting Trump, Leftists Get Charges DROPPED

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  1. A smart prosecution strategy for protestors should be along the line# of a plea deal with suspended sentence. Basically, a one time get out of jail free card. Do it again, and this sentence comes into effect.

  2. President Trump is doing all he can do, not for personal gain, but for his country, my country, and he's better at it than anyone I've ever seen. President Trump has my vote in November.

  3. Tim – the entire "debate" was a shitshow. If that is what you took from the entire thing and how Trump couldn't even condemn white supremists either…I don't know what to tell you man. You're entirely bad faith.

  4. But is IS an idea. THE WHOLE FUCKING POINT was to demonstrate that antifa has no structured leadership and are really just a bunch of sporadic but very violent rioters/protesters acting on their own very dispersed and sort of random if you look at the group as a whole when the opportunity arrises, ideas.They cant just go out and arrest the leader or leaders of antifa tomorrow and make them stop can they? Or is that what people are expecting when they say HELL NO THIS IS WRONG HOW DARE HE SAY THAT for upteenth time.

  5. Next rule in the political correctness handbook: Society is no longer allowed to wear black polo shirts. Well, there goes the uniform of thousands upon thousands of companies and stores and restaurants everywhere.

  6. only a complete idiot would believe that antifa is not a marxist violent organization that the democrats and the globalist media supports. as we have seen many democrats and the media are complete idiots