Biden’s Response To Progressives: GOP Cabinet Choices!

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. With over 5 million downloads on iTunes, the show is also broadcast on KPFK stations throughout the country.

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  1. No, Jim….

    Biden will NOT "get to be President".

    The voters are FAR MORE informed today, than they were in 2016.

    This IS because of TRUMP.

    He awakened the sleeping giant, the PEOPLE.

    Now, ALL politicians will HAVE TO deal with the truth.

  2. how much more evidence do you need!!! it’s a three party system . the third party’s is split in half half in the demo and half in the republicans!!!!!! perfect way for a party to always get what it wants

  3. If you're going to call out Meg Whitman for losing her election & getting attention for possible cabinet positions the same should be true for Stacey Abrams who lost her election for the Georgia governor's race with a hundred excuses why he's the Black Hillary Clinton

    Why do Democrats reward failures because they're women in Meg Whitman or a Black woman & Stacey Abrams or a whole number of other losers

  4. For all the people who claim Jimmy doesnt go after the GOP because his audience know they are bad, read through the comments.

  5. Is it Bernie's job to pretend to try for the nomination in order to then deliver the votes of the poor saps that believe him to the corpocrats? Is he America's biggest troll? How many more times will people believe his bullshit? Bernie 2100? LOL!

  6. JD thinks the DNC was full of Republicans? They were all progressive socialists except Biden who’s a leftist idiot, open your eyes JD

  7. Quibi is going out of business as of today. It was trying to copy TikTok. Meg Whitman sucked at eBay too, way to hire "winners". She has failed at everything she has done. So becoming a politician makes sense for her.

  8. Some of the tweets Jimmy's reading off shows the bias and not understanding of conservatives who have not got everything they want the establishment has Democrats control the Congressional purse the Senate can give opposing bills but more or less just accept or deny the same when it comes to the president

    Remember Republicans wanted to keep people employed paying their employers directly to keep them employed collecting their current salary Democrats win over their head & added additional money to unemployment to drive people into unemployment making them dependent on government with the political benefit of driving up unemployment numbers that can be reported by the bias media

  9. Reminder even know Trump made the Rich & businesses great profits in the stock market they're all supporting Biden because they have an eye on China not Americans?? Even though they've made great profits during the Trump Administration many who are forced to bring jobs back is why Biden has more Billionaires supporting & donating?to him than Trump

  10. I had to vote for Biden holding my nose because the Green Party didn't get Howie on the ballot. Disgusting, the Green Party is pathetic. They could have had Jesse Ventura.

  11. I dropped a thousand dollars off at the bank. It was after business hours, so I left threw it through the mail slot and left. I'm sure they'll do the right thing with it. Vote Blue!

  12. Early voting in Central FL, very busy on 2nd day. I voted write-in for Bernie Sanders. I will sleep like a baby & will not look back. I won't vote for any of those knuckleheads for President.

  13. Donald Trump and Joe Biden are going to win.
    The first thing Obama did when he became the Democratic nominee in 2008 was to choose a Republican, Joe Biden , as his V.P.

  14. What's so sad is I live in Seattle and I see these young black kids and they're parents on the streets with signs saying Biden for president. Not knowing he's responsible for your oppression and he's not going to rescue you, but do you even more harm than Trump. Smh. This is madness at every level!