Biden’s SEPTEMBER HELL As Approval Rating Sinks To Below 40

Krystal and Saagar go through all of the forces leading to Biden’s tanking approval ratings and what looks to be a hellish September for the administration

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  1. I don't care for Biden – I am a huge Bernie, Nina, AOC supporter. But your headline here really makes you ssem cheap and obviously obsessed with clickbait. Too bad. Do I have to stop following you?

  2. Biden is getting a lot done. I have never in my lifetime seen America torn down so quickly in all areas. How long has this nightmare been going on? It hasn't even been a year and the country is being systematically destroyed to such a degree that it will be decades before our allies trust us fully gain. Right now the talk is "The Great Reset" which anybody with economic chops knows was signaled by the 2008 derivative debacle. 2008 destroyed any vestige of a viable economic system. Our economy is floating on prevarications and fear. The 1913 shell game is coming to an end.
    This whole Covid thing is a smokescreen for their true intentions. We are on the eve of something very ugly manifesting itself.
    Change requires chaos. Chaos requires control. Increased control means reduced freedom.

  3. Getting rid of the filibuster would work? Really?… So after the midterms when the Republicans sweep both houses you are still going to be in favor or getting rid of the filibuster? Or is it that at this very moment you think it will help your team and that the principal of the matter is not as important as the brief power it will enable?

  4. No matter how much people don't care for Biden he's still better than having Trump in the WH. It's to bad the people can't overcome oligarch bought establishment democrats from installing who they want, Biden was their choice not mine. It was his turn and reward for his loyalty to be installed. Remember how primaries in the DNC work. Almost anybody could have beat Trump, he's just that hated on the left and more and more republican supporters don't like Trump.

  5. You two need to change your spinning, consider long term incompetency, stupidity, Communist media, inept polling, ship of fools, socialist's bullying, fear of the truth…stuff like this.

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