Biden’s Surgeon General Says Pandemic Is ‘NOT OVER’ As Moderna, Pfizer Stock PLUNGE

Briahna Joy Gray breaks down her interview on her podcast, Bad Faith, yesterday with Dr. Vinay Prasad, who made the argument for what the Left got wrong during the Covid-19 pandemic. #Pandemic #Covid #Left

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  1. Doctor Prasad is apologizing for the establishment, remember that, he's been right most of the pandemic. Most important, no government should EVER create policy on things that they aren't experts in. Doing things "just because" is never good policy, so Bri you're wrong. People should be held accountable for the damage they created from enforcing policies that generated irreversible harm to the public. People lost jobs, lives, family over foolish policies that hurt more than they helped.

  2. He's more "flippant" because he's knows pre covid community wide masking had flimsy evidence and post covid there's not been a robust well done study that has shown any significant benefit to masking.

  3. A perfect example of why political commentary from Brie here on Rising is so much better than anything cable has to offer. She's more interest in the truth than presenting a corporate aligned take. COVID is a perfect example.

  4. A good example of how the uni party works with regards to Big Pharma. When Republicans control the levers of power it’s about freedom, markets, and jobs. When Democrats control the levers of power it’s about helping people and equality. The whole time Big Pharma is thinking who are these easily controlled clowns…never mind… back to our sweet profit margins! Red and blue locked in a duel for the honor of Big Pharma….what a joke upon us all.

  5. It's incredible that she's willing to challenge a doctor who's high standing among his peers has been based largely on his expertise in scientific rigor and analysis of data whilst not providing anything to support her positions. This seems a case of misinformed moral bias and dunning kruger effect. I'm referring specifically to her statements on masking here.

  6. There is a difference between the pandemic being over and still having concerns or things to work on. You can have a heart attack and still need to go through the work to recover your strength, and also realize you need to do things to prevent future issues. Encouraging a better lifestyle, getting outside, exercising, eating better, all these will help us prevent future heavy COVID recurrences. Sadly our "health" officials only want to focus on shutting people in and sticking them in the arm. They reflect our system's attitude of sickness care over health care.

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