Biden’s vaccine mandate concerns federal employee (from Livestream Q&A #96)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #96 (originally streamed live on September 11, 2021):



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  1. I was active duty U.S. Army, a federal employee, and a defense contractor. Our President was presented with risk assessments. He made his decision. That is what he was elected to do.
    "What fresh hell is this?" my citizen self asks.
    "Get the shot." my risk assessing, combat veteran, shithole survivor self says.

  2. Dear Heather, allow me to demystify your My-Body-My-Choice false commingling w/Pro-Choice.

    GO & witness yourself the removal (preceded by homicide) of a human being from a womb, typically in a form of dismembered pieces. We, as individuals and a society can certainly afford to do better then that.

    Just because something is legalized, it does NOT equate to or meet the intrinsic moral and ethical standards and, historical record of mandates by the state is plagued by falsehoods akin to the yet latest attempt of a broadest in scale, unprecedented and untested "medical" experiment.

    Have you ever considered, an intelligent academic yourself though on the fringes as of late – for reasons you're just barely starting to grasp – that just perhaps you have been subject your entire life to carefully premeditated construct that effectively shaped your opinions, beliefs, i.e., Pro-Choice or My-Body-My-Choice as of late?

    I'd strongly suggest to assiduously delve in the study of history starting with Solzhenitsyn's work as well as of unsavory characters to gain the apppeciation of the spectrum, followed by deep dive into digital history, its ongoing implementations, R&D, international finance & economics….2-3 years @ 30 hr/wk likely to suffice factoring the plethora of materials, its forms and availability & Godspeed to you.

    Sincerely,…. & I won't be buying your book until you do & thank you for your work.

  3. I actually don't like your comparison of the arguement to abusing your kids in your own house because "my house my choice" . In that case it's their (kids) body that's getting abused illegal. In the personal vaccine scenario it is only your body that is at "risk" assuming everyone else you may infect has their own opportunity to get vaxxed and protected from you.
    Love your podcast.

  4. 1 registration,(mailed in the post)
    2 all information provided in a worded packages( medical and non-medical ingredients,side effect,ect) to provide "inform consent
    3 mail back a ya or na to the sender (government)
    4 if choosing "yes" your name is added to the "yes"collum ledger
    5 an appointment with a licensed m.d is made to administer the drug(s),each vial is serial numbered with a lot # as well
    6 you get the drug and become certified and the m.d signs off on the citizen and forwards the relevant information to health department.

    This basic contract law,but it seems most folks get important medical information from the 6:00 news and do what they think is the right thing without any real consideration of what is really going on.

  5. I think a better way to put it is, are we putting the young at risk to protect the elderly.

    We do this as a society, but not exclusively and not to this degree. Young adults will go off to war in all societies to protect those that are too old to do so, but also to protect those too young as well.

    We are not seeing that aspect in the proposed mandates since the government is planning on vaccinating children as young as 5 years old

  6. Amazed you don't support "my body my choice" for vaccination – The principle should be that you have autonomy over your own body vs. others (always politicians) decide what autonomy they will grant you. NO, the constitution guarantees, not grants me autonomy. Anytime you impose a threshold, you have the same body overriding individual freedom who faked evidence/news to instigate wars (Bay of Tonkin-Vietnam, USS Mainne – Spanish American War), Tuskegee, Flint MI (zero prison), FBI's Failure on Hunter Biden's Laptop/Art Sales, borrowing 6T + Interest from our children vs. prioritizing money, deficit spending EVERY YEAR indebting our children, … It is beyond all reason that you'd empower that body to regulate itself with the power to regulate your body.

  7. Professional sports reveals something very interesting:
    Young, vaccinated (and maybe received boosters) men are still "getting the virus" (or are testing positive) and have to sit out of games.
    How many have died, been hospitalized, or even had symptoms?

    Not sure what to do with that, but it seems to show that some rethinking is in order.

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