Biden’s Vax Mandate BLOCKED In The Senate, Pfizer CEO Says FOURTH Booster May Be Needed Amid Omicron

Ryan Grim and Emily Jashinsky discuss Republicans’ invocation of the Congressional Review Act to halt President Biden’s federal vaccine mandate.

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  1. The fourth isn’t due to Omicron..they just made up an excuse …I know it because prior to this, months ago Israel was talking about a forth one and there was no Omicron then…it is all a lie and manipulation. This channel is following after the gov agenda…too bad I thought you were different 👎👎👎

  2. Im not taking any more shots. You had your chance. No boosters everytime a virus mutates, Im not putting your rushed failed attempts in my body anymore. When you find a cure that actually works, Ill think about it. Absolutely NO trust in the vax, the unfinished science, or the Government. NONE.

  3. Man I love when Ryan and Emily host the show together. They're legitimately the best pair of hosts. I only watch the show in full when these two are hosting. Otherwise, I pretty much just watch Ryan's radar. You can also tell that Ryan actually really and truly enjoys hosting with Emily. The two really play off each other so well.

  4. Pfizer study shows people are beginning to simply live with the virus and ignore politicians and the main stream media. Warns a 4th shot will be necessary before everyone ignores them and covid completely.

  5. Pfizer & Moderna can always rely on the media to push their booster subscription service. The covid "experts" on the MSM are compromised by their ties to Big Pharma, but the media hides that. Scott Gottlieb, e.g., is always introduced as the former head of the FDA, never as a current board member at Pfizer. No conflict of interest there, according to our corrupt, pharma-bought media.

  6. L-LYSINE helped us be maskless throughout 2020 while going to crowded indoor areas! It works same as new Pfizer anti-viral pill. Only when I briefly stopped taking l-lysine did I finally catch CoVid from our adult baby sitter in our own home. Crazy!

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