Bidinflation, BLM Mansion, Congress insider trading, Yankees fail & More | THAT DIDN’T AGE WELL

This week’s list of things that didn’t age well is a doozy! #Biden #Pelosi #Congress

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  1. I say you don't buy the AOC shirt because if you do you are supporting Her crimes against the American people. Now I have help you With Avoiding a federal crime and you don't have to thank Me 🤣🤣🤣

  2. why would u hope Russia loses? Putin is the only person with the balls to stand upto the NWO and the Banking Cartels.

    You really need to look into why this is really happening brogan.

    much love from, Ohio.

  3. I knew the middle east was going to go back to being the middle east. It's been like that for 2000 years.. why would 20 years of fighting change anything? The crusades didn't change anything. An I'm pretty sure at least one of them were a whole lot longer then 20 years. The whole of em lasted from 1090s to the 1200s. That's 200 years give or take. An it didn't change a damn thing

  4. To be fair about the AOC hoodie, you said 80k likes. You got 81k likes. That’s not 80k, so there is your loophole.

    If you decide to buy one, buy it from eBay.

  5. Great. I hope Russia loses and we destabilize it such that Putin gets impeached, and it busts up into 5-6 rogue states, a little like Yugoslavia, each new country has its own intercontinental ballistic nuclear missiles and a crazy tyrannical dictator. Each dictator with their finger on the button and daring the USA to say "Boo". Yep, what could go wrong.

  6. It would be great if you could find the lady at the end of your videos🤣and see if she could or would be willing to make a short video for you on her take of current events. Maybe a once a month thing or something👍🏻I remember seeing the whole thing she was great😘

  7. B.S.-slinging Republicans can try to fool their gullible base by blaming inflation on Biden, but covid stimulus money was part of the equation, which the public wanted and which took place under Trump as well. Another trigger is covid disruption of global supply chains, which is not something under U.S control. Another trigger was the Trump tax giveaway for corporations, which was free candy for political donors and bosses, at expense of working families. All the GOP has to offer is blame-shifting word games, reminiscent of Trump's wanting to call covid the "Wuhan virus", which didn't stick and didn't admit that China was vastly more effective at containing the pandemic quickly in the critical early phase than Trump was. It is also reminiscent of the Nazis party using the term "Jew confetti" to refer to German currency during their hyperinflation before Hitler's rise. The only other thing that the GOP has to offer is its hate and power-grabbing violence.

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