Big Brother is More Than Watching: How the Government Controls Social Media.

Recently Alex Berenson and Mark Zuckerberg were on the Joe Rogan Experience. One told Joe how they enforced censorship guided by the FBI the other said how they were the target of censorship by Joe Biden’s White House. Both were an interesting insight into how the Government and social media platforms work together to silence certain discussion and voices.

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  1. Yeah, media is part of government (of people's minds) but they are still trying to sell the idea that media is separate.

    Independent media. 😆😂😅

    Crusading truth telling journalists. 🤣😆

    There's a line that goes something like "news is a story someone doesn't want told, everything else is public relations. " I don't recall whose words they are.

    What's presented as news is propaganda.

    Don't forget that in many countries, including Australia, news programs are legally classed as entertainment, not factual information.

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