Big Issues In Colorado Mesa County Georgia Fulton County Ridiculous Judge Only Days Left For Arizona

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*Disclaimer* — In no way do I claim or condone that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen or misrepresented I just give my opinions and thoughts of media and news sources coverage of topics and practices I continue to educate myself daily on election procedures and safeguards Congress has certified Joe Biden as the 46th President Of The United States Of America And I in no way attempt to say otherwise or try and get others to believe otherwise topics are chosen carefully and I follow all guidelines and terms thank you.

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  1. They won’t be back in 20 days. It’ll be after the November election. Ridiculous. Delay after delay. That’s all the courts no how to do. Get in the middle and stay in the middle.

  2. Yes it really is a sick joke, Twenty days, Thirty days.
    The judge was agreeing with Garland, and then he changed his mind!
    Its almost as if they don't want to let anything happen.
    What is wrong with letting Garland look at the ballots, under supervsion?

  3. These judges are in on it, these people keep going back to the courts to the same judges to tell them we need more time to delete scrub the evidence away that's what this is! and they keep saying the same thing okay will give you 20 more days why? so they can get rid of the evidence mashed blackberries with a hammer so to speak! And they said this was the most secure transparent election in history well then prove that why keep stalling oh I know because it wasn't the most secure transparent election that's why!

  4. I thought that what today was supposed to be about. The state should have been able to tell him what has been done today and if the state did not have an answer he should have ruled to turn over ballots for evaluation. and in 20 days we would have had all the answers.

  5. DELAY, DELAY, DELAY. More time to fiddle with the goods. Very sad. The citizens of GEORGIA demand a forensic audit NOW, NOT 20 days away. All you government flunkies work for WE THE PEOPLE. You took an OATH. Do your dang job!!!!!!! We want the TRUTH, WHATEVER the truth is.

    Thank you for keeping the info flowing. We appreciate all you do to keep us up to date on all these developments.

  6. Dude! You are THE BEST! There's NO WAY you only have 9000 subs. Thats bs bro. Don't get discouraged because ypu ARE the best, no one else even comes close. Thank ypu for keeping em short and concise with the perfect bit of comedy and fantastic commentary bro.

  7. Run out the clock.

    Justice is supposed to be reasonably speedy, not put off and kicked down the road. Justice delayed favors the wealthy and we'll connected, and hurts the regular citizen.

  8. THE Face of Democracy was ripped off of our nation by traitors to the american constitution and way of life.. When all is said and done I hope there are people literally executed over this subject ( if found guilty in a court of law). just keep it balanced with members of both major parties.