Big Pharma Admits Researching Myocarditis after Covid Vaccination




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Written by Salty Cracker


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  1. I never fell for it. Was shadow-banned on fb for questioning everything and posting articles with data, and uninvited to the wedding of close family friends while my husband still went due to my status, which hasn't changed. They just contacted us heartbroken because they recently suffered a miscarriage 😥. My Gma thought I was insane and to this day says Fauci is just trying to help us.

  2. The only thing they are “researching” is how to develop a cure for what they have caused. They’re probably already ready with a proposal to give the government to get more taxpayer money for more meds.

  3. I appreciate your show so much. You have a unique way of reporting the truth. I've watched you for a long time. Thank you for all your work. God bless America and you.🥰🥰🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🙏🙏🙏

  4. The people's state of Michigan went full commie. We now have commies running all three branches, AG and Secretary of State and codified voter fraud, child abortion and genital mutilation into the constitution. Michigan is a complete lefttard shithole now.

  5. If anyone out there was able to watch the documentary called the real Anthony Fauci it was only on for 10 days on a special website , u must watch it. It's so good and so informing of how evil n crooked the real fauc head is , it also includes One a. Only Gates himself , on js as much involvement and it goes way ,way back into the 60s n 70s ,he has been pulling this shit for a long time ,this documentary gives u a full and complete circle of him a.d how ate govt works.and what they have been doing to us all these yrs , but now that we are allowed to speak about myocarditis ,it's comming out now cause all this pandemic was partly cause fauci was out of patterns to male profit off of along wth big pharma , n one reason for wanting n pushing the kids ,is because not only wth myocarditis but a long host of other problems , now big pharma has a new next generation wth problems n side affects that now need life long prescriptions to keep them alive ,making BP lots n lots of never ending money , big money wth big cost drugs all u have to due is type in the real Anthony Fauci the movie ,wth spaces in between each letter , if it doesn't come up go to they can't block me . Com u may,have to pay 35$, now due to it only having a free 10 day watch special but IT IS DEFF WORTH THE 35$ I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND U WATCHIHG IT PAYING THE 35$ u think that man and others blew ur mind now ha lol watch this movie. U have no idea. Anyway its hosted by Kenedy Jr a Democrat who has worked and known fauc head since his uncle was in office and new he was an evil crooked man. If u can't find or get what I have put out on the way to watch the documentary put a post out and I will go back j. My files and get all the info needed. If u have to pay the 35$ I'll let u know that the money does go to a good cause ,which is helping pay for the make of other documentary like this, and to help fight against the more shit that's comming out from all this. The original CEO of phiezer who stepped down has helped put this together cause he also new in the beginning what this was all about. It's A MUST WATCH DOCUMENTARY it will blow ur mind.

  6. this stupid charade never stops, i quit wsting my time trying to awake people since 2020 and still to this day nothing changes, the brainwash was fucking over 9000 jesus!

  7. Sad thing is here everyone gets vaxxed over and over and over poor kids 😢
    They Even push heyyy take all the vaccinations at once save time
    Really? You did studies on what happens when you take a flu Vax and covid Vax at the same time??? I don't think so 🤔

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