Big Pharma’s Role in the Opioid Crisis

Taken from JRE #1756 w/John Abramson:

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  1. They no doubt created this problem, now their over correcting and causing many to suffer needlessly. Now that people know their addictive they themselves hold some accountability in their actions. People who suffer from the worst pain are left behind. It's a tough issue that affects everyone in some way or another.

  2. That’s what they want there’s a reason why were last in preventing disease. They want us slowly getting sick and slowly dying such that we can spend more and more money on their medication to suppress symptoms till the very end. We as a society need to push past these big Pharma money businesses.

  3. Wonder why big Pharma are getting together with DARPA. Gone is ‘Do NO HARM ‘ 😳 welcome to non liable , lethal side effects. And forced jabs every 3 months as we become big Pharma/GAVI dependant 😬

  4. I love Joe bringing attention to the opioid crisis. I generally love all of Joe's content. He's a very important voice in society. However, I wish he would re-examine how he's going about his Covid19 content. He's invited on McCullough and Malone who have manipulated Joe into believing misinformation about vaccines and Covid19. I think he's doing more harm than good and doesn't even realize it. I want Joe to be aware of what he's doing and hopefully he can correct or remove the interviews with those two doctors.

  5. As an outsider (European) what I really can't grasp is that you expect big pharma to be responsible but they aren't. They are companies whose goal is to make money. Like every other company. It's the governments job to ensure a fair market and protect its citizens from greed at the same time. You seem not to understand that your government allows all these things. Opioid crisis, overpriced meds, broken healthcare system. That's all on the government and they should know.

  6. Yes wish Doctors would tell you that before they give it to you , my Doctor didn’t and the first pill took my pain and allowed me to do more thing’s , but it’s all a ugly journey to especially when you truly use it for pain reasons herniated disc’s cracked vertebrae , I hate it all it’s all ugly period

  7. The saddest part is even after ALL the Democrats are doing to America and FREE SPEECH, Joe Rogan is Still a Democrat. How pathetic can one person be. He does not even believe in hi sown show that is Exposing the Democrat brainwashing and the Media that is pushing their Covid BS.

  8. Love your work Joe.
    How do you think you could help drive action from all the great interviews you have, and from the information presented? Think you could leverage your following and really add value in this way.

  9. This is why doctoring and medicine should be a universal system administered by the government. Sure government is great at mismanagement but the current "for profit" system of healthcare is promoting so much more evil. The British system is really impressive when you take a moment to analyze it. The tax burden of it should be put upon corporations though. Just for the simple fact of treating people like chattel. It would only be fair.

  10. This isn’t just for opioids. I’ve been trying to get off a anti depressant that is also a nerve medication as well for over a year. It’s called cymbalta. When I try to come off I get severe physical symptoms, of feeling sick, throwing up, etc. I can’t come off. If you go to Facebook, there is a group called cymbalta hurts worse. 50k members and growing everyday. What I’m trying to say is it’s much bigger than what people are willing to see. I’m evidence of that. It’s truly sickening. I wish people understood more and we need a voice such as this.

  11. Doctors are the victims on this one?? Yeah kiss my butt. The solution to the problem is education and promoting only having kids when you're with someone you love and are financially capable of supporting a child. Properly teaching our youth how to be successful in the modern world will minimize people escaping with drugs and alcohol. The problem is that there is no money to be made on that solution.

  12. Meanwhile people with legitimate PAIN multiple failed back surgeries exc cannot get hydrocodone or even Norco and left suffering in vain how many suicides are the cause of that?

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