Big Tech and the Legacy Media Intend to Destroy Democracy in the Name of Defending Democracy

And Biden and big tech are helping to cause the situation:

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  1. It isn't mere "democracy" they are defending, but its amorphous, bland, artificial, government-approved, highly-sweetened, counterfeit, saccharine democracy substitute, "Our Democracy", which is akin to "The Science", "A Living Constitution", "Social Justice", "Honest History", "Gender Studies", "Fortified Elections", "Community Policing", "Liberal Arts", "The New Normal", and those bizarre examples of government-run "Private Business" that are working as extra-constitutional extensions of the US government.

    In much the same way that "democracy" itself was an artificial substitute for a Republic governed by principles of Law and checks-and-balances against power and its abuse – "Our Democracy" is a pale substitute for a pale substitute for lawful, constitutional, restrained government.

    And THAT is what "democracy" – and especially the Republic – must be destroyed to promote and "fortify" its replacement, "Our Democracy".

  2. What about that supercell tornado that reduced to matchsticks many towns in Kentucky, Alabama, Tennessee, Illinois and Mississippi (or Misouri). Good thing we have BUILD BACK BETTER to help.

    Oh wait…what's this?

    All that money in the Trillions has already been earmarked for child care centers for all.

    No Build Back Better for catastrophic tornado victims. And who knows what else is coming next.

  3. They intend to destroy democracy in the name of Democracy … for Democrats its no longer the rule of the people (the Demos), for them Democracy is to be capitalized as it is the rule of the Democrat party.


  4. Exactly what they said in the USSR. All three Constitutions of the USSR had a "Free Speech" clause, but the state didn't allow speech that it determined to be "dangerous" to society. See how that works?

  5. The cure to disinformation is shining light on each claim. Lies will dissolve when challenged while the truth shines. What they want is to keep everything in a shadow and then trust them to tell us which thing is the truth. It's the tactic of a liar.

  6. It really is the beginning of “1984” in the western world. The US has the democrats with the corporate media & social media openly practicing censorship. It’s underway, only a strong mid-term result for the real people can derail this leftist democratic socialist party crap!

  7. You have to be at least 35 maybe a little older to remember how much freedom we lost in the name of the war on terror. This is the exact playbook being used be exactly the same people. This time openly turned inward. They already used the last crisis to spy on citizens. The only difference is the open call for it so they can take it to the next level.

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