Big Tech BOMBSHELL: You Won’t BELIEVE This!!

We’re told that the government wants to reign in the powers of Big Tech. That may be true in terms of limiting free speech, but not when it comes to limiting the awarding of contracts relating to the War on Terror.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. There is nothing that big money will not corrupt. There is no reason to worry about it, it has always been and always will be until it gets cleansed by fire and brimstone. My how small the world has become. Very interesting please have a good day.

  2. If the war on drugs and terror was legit…the majority of the top 3% of Zionist America would be locked up and drugs legalized while big pharma as we know it is regulated and eventually shut down.


  3. People dont realize you are set up through schools and if you dont believe me check out who big tech solicits in colleges. It wont be who you think. Sadly we dont learn early our true capabilities we have to do our own passions and sadly we are trapped early and get chained down, it takes communities to understand the regulations and restrictions for startup, first homes, etc are just controls to hold you down but if communities replaced these with trust in their neighbors changes could begin but you have to stop feeding the hands that keep you down.

  4. Are you really a friend sir Russell you really gotta lose what's he want from me lol I just need what you spoke about in a podcast in a grateful hoody lol
    Just a tap on the shoulder by someone who believes I have a decent CV for a wounded cat who can't do much work…
    But if I can get what I'm intitled to a garden for me and my dog and family I'll do my poetry for free for your cause lol
    On one deal , I get your books signed free with to a good friend , in recovery no name loses the value , something to leave my kids when we both gone , and prepare a place for them.
    Think the system is dry bumming me

  5. Hi Russell…thank you for your eye opening videos….😳 .to me this big tech & government alliance has demonic influence behind it. Technology use to be to help humanity. Now technology is used to enslave humanity. Like spies during the cold war searching for weaknesses in their targets. Demons are searching for weaknesses in their targets. Every click, every upload. GPS location. Even the preinstalled apps on phones monitor phone calls,emails, text messages and photos. satan the enemy of humanity wanting to enslave humanity before Jesus Christ returns to Earth.

  6. Thankfully you deliver this information with bouts of humor tossed in; otherwise I'd leave here crying.
    Thanks for all you do in helping those who've been so deceived to wise up.

  7. Been a Russell fan since My Booky Wook but this is the video that finally made me google “how to stop seeing certain content on YouTube”

  8. 'the war on terror' is an Oxymoron of Epic proportions & an incredibly Ironic one at that…..the Real Terrorists are IN the whitehouse (& Parliament/s) already & Have been All Along

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