Big Tech CENSORED Conservatives To Cheat For Democrats And Biden And Now He’s REWARDING The Cronies

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  1. What kills me is you still haven't realized that mass fraud has happened, that evidence in a court of law is an affidavit the 4 states did the exact same things to control the election is another form of fraud, and the control of information in the massive form that helped biden is a form of fraud on the American people. There are tons of far left people who are regretting the support of biden and are now realizing their mistake. You just have to look a little bit in to the entirety of what went down and realize that biden didn't win fair and square. You want to stop this cronie crap then strap on your jock strap and stand up for whats right. Pick a side and lock arms its the only way to stop this.

  2. Why are you shouting out David Pakman? He's about as dishonest as you get.

    We've seen and heard PLENTY of evidence that voter fraud exists. Anyone who is criticizing people on these grounds is NOT speaking in good faith.

  3. There will be no more concept of competition in the media … these organizations and platforms favoring Dems will be propped up directly or indirectly with tax money

  4. So much for our system of checks and balances and the Constitution. This election was the first 3rd World election process of many to come. All our agencies and politicians who could have prevented this path to burning the Constitution have enabled it.

  5. Hey Tim, are you sure the bosses at Google are the ones making these decisions?

    You might be surprised how much power (even editorial power) you have if you're the one doing the actual work.

  6. Sooooo, you can provide evidence without context or reasonable conclusions or projections of what that evidence means or will lead to……..which is useless, OR you can make a radical claim without the ability to link to evidence which either makes you look like a nut or is outright dismissed, so again useless. Great job YouTube. Instead of creating radicals one at a time, you are now doing it in droves AND pushing them together on other platforms to further radicalized. Smart. As in smash your hand with a hammer because it has fingerNAILS on it smart. SMH.