Big Tech Censored Trump Campaign 65 Times, Biden ZERO Times?

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Intro By: The Rivers Editor

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Written by No B.S.


  1. Yeah, they could keep censoring. It won't change anything; Biden has 0 support, while Trump wins more people over everyday.
    They cheat and have been cheating for more than 4 years and they still lost. This year won't be any different.

  2. Well if you take a look into "Leadstories" (One of facebooks so called fact checkers) you will find that about 90% of their employees at one time worked for CNN… That should tell you all you need to know

  3. there was always a slight bias in media and tech. it's human nature. but they have gotten to the point where it is so blatantly obvious that it's ridiculous. "it's a glitch" it's in our "terms of service" (quick someone put that in the terms of service thingy) they're not even trying to hide the lies anymore.

  4. Considering how much of a disaster Trump and his administration has been, with even Republicans distancing themselves, what Corporation would wanna be in the Trump blast zone when it detonates. Stop be a whining apologist for the moron Trump.

  5. They’re calling trump and all his supporters like myself racists. That’s such a gross accusation, I can’t believe they’re getting away with this!

  6. If thats what they want to do, they shouldn't get the tax cut anymore. And should be held responsible for anytime online bullying on their platform causes anyone to kill themselves.

  7. Just today I attempted to make a comment on Facebook regarding everything Trump did back in January and February in response to covid. And guess what? FB said it couldn't post the comment. I tried 3 times and it didn't post. I have never had a problem with posting a comment on there before, this was the first time. I guess they just can't handle the facts. Perhaps they "choose truth over facts"