Big Tech CENSORED Trump Video About Doctors And COVID, This Is The BIGGEST Censorship Scandal EVER

BREAKING UPDATE: They have also suspended Donald Trump Jr

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  1. tim pool: im not a doctor, fb boss is not a doctor.
    also tim pool: crazy witchcraft woman is a doctor, listen to her.

  2. So we just not gonna get a link to the source on this? We just gonna believe this video wasn’t encouraging potentially harmful behavior? The list of side effects on hydroxy chloroquine is massive and includes several direct ways to kill a significant percentage of recipients. Further, it was shown to have only a negative effect on virus patients if any effect at all. As for who are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to do this? They are independent companies with guidelines in place. We are still having hearings about how to prevent their swaying of speech. I swear Tim goes wacky in these virus videos. Biggest scandal, my ass. Shit dudes said was encouraging self harm and completely contrary to medical evidence. No sympathy for this. “But all speech!” Na, fuck you. This puts me and others in danger.

  3. It was a "miracle drug" for treating COVID until Trump started using it. Now it's stupid. Hydroxychloroquine is stupid because Trump used it and he's also stupid.

  4. Remember everyone: science, empiricism and logic are tools of 'whiteness'. So I hope you enjoy more black doctors like this one prescribing courses of fecal rubbings to treat demon sperm and alien DNA inside your bodies. Disobey their medical advice and be branded a racist.

  5. WHO also tweeted on January 14, 2020, "there was no clear evidence COVID-19could spread between humans" which clearly proved WHO seriously mishandled and downplayed the China virus pandemic. This has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths of innocent people across globe.

  6. Covington students have just gotten hundreds of millions of dollars from the defamation settlement with CNN and the Washington Post. Well, Tweeter, Facebook, Google and Andy Stone will pay a price like CNN and the Washington Post.

  7. These organizations as well as the individuals in the press have excised information from medical doctors to the public and their present and possible future patients. This is practicing medicine without a license and seriously against the law across america. Perhaps some hardy souls will begin suing them from this angle.

  8. People who have taken the medication after trump promoted it have died. Fauci, Birx and others with equally valuable credentials and expertise as the drs in the press conference, urge against using it saying studies have been flawed. People with Lupis can’t get their meds bc idiots are just willy nilly taking it or stocking it.

    I agree with you about the censorship piece. It’s fucked up. But my point is, there are mixed messages about treatments and people have died bc they are stupid enough to just take the president’s word.

  9. First I was mad with the censorship of that video.
    Then I found a really good article in Medium about the fuzz with this HXC (I was literally confused, so I wanted to get the details what it is and why they try to suppress videos about it)
    In fact, Medium also censored this article too and now it's here

    It's one of the best I've read, the guy is pretty honest, in fact he doesn't seem to have an agenda as he hates Trump a lot, but he goes for the facts which would make Trump look right.
    And he goes over the chronology, when this started, which early doctor (a very very famous French scientist actually who is the leading specialist in communicable diseases!) signed a study with positive effects of the drug, how then the media tried to dismiss it (by misinterpreting studies, saying the drug has too dangerous side effects), how they tried to smear this person, but later other doctors came into his support, how a lot of trials happened with the HXC and compo of the other two (Zinc and the other one), showing similar effects, and how in every case there was so much smearing and media manipulation to believe these are fringe doctors or the drug is actually doing nothing and is dangerous. At some point the establishment even tried to publish counter-studies with falsifed data that was retracted. There are so many more in this article that makes me mad.

    It made me realise, something is really really dirty here. Every chapter in the article is a bomb. There is one point where a former French Minister of Health, implicates big Pharma with pushing these counter-studies in the scientific journals, in closed meeting they were recorded or something. Oh wait, youtube took down that too! I could watch it yesterday

    I never believed seriously in conspiracies, but this one is so real. 2020 is the year I believe in conspiracies and also lost any trust on high authorities and world organizations. That makes me mad!

  10. Can't find it at Breitbart either.
    PS. Trump has a following. A bonafide following. People trust him and will follow his advice. Other people aren't as popular so no body will listen to them. I told you already, Facism 101.

  11. Im just guessing: Big Tech does not want to see a doctor claim that Hydro******* is one of the possible treatments for COVID anyway after the media made a solid attempt to make him look like an incompetent idiot after he stated that the initial numbers for the treatment looked promising .

  12. Listen to the doctors they say… oh no not the ones that disagree with the media. Might as well just say do as we say including the doctors we claim you should listen to

    So you mention we should just google this… I googled the entire title and even added Breitbart in there guess what doesn't show up until the 3rd page? In fact no Brietbart at all shows up just people talking negatively about it

  13. Imagine being of the mindset that anyone who has an opinion that differs from yours is lying and must be silenced. And for what? To win an election. It's Orwellian. EDIT: And to hold up the WHO as the only voice that matters? The same WHO who was wrong about human-to-human transmission? The same WHO that was wrong about the efficacy of masks? Riiiiight.

  14. The WHO has been proven to have protected China when it was becoming clear that China was withholding crucial info on the Covid-19 virus.
    That is why the US has pulled out.

  15. The Official position of the US government is that WHO declarations are BIAS and UNRELIABLE.
    Therefor, social media CHOOSING to validate this info should make them liable any harm done by people following this advice.

  16. So if Trump wins both the house and senate would that even be enough to get plutocrats like Dorsey, Gates or Zuckerberg to behave ? The money at their disposal would buy off a lot of congress and senate ghouls.