Big Tech censorship of COVID treatments (from Livestream #82)

Big Tech censorship of COVID treatments.
Clip with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying.


Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #82 (originally streamed live on May 29, 2021):


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In this 82nd in a series of live discussions with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (both PhDs in Biology), discuss the state of the world though an evolutionary lens. Find more from us on Bret’s website ( or Heather’s website (

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  1. My doctor refused my ivermectin request & then continued to give me an MSNBC style sales pitch on the vaccines…he even went as far to claim there is no evidence that ivermectin is effective…Bret, Heather, I'm scared of what this world is becoming. Thanks for treating us like adults.

  2. MSM propagandist willfully smeared HCQ because President Trump promoted it, but Dr. Fauci's motive for discrediting Hydroxychloroquine was far more nefarious. In spite of his own 2005 study showing the effectiveness of HCQ against coronaviruses, & in spite of him prescribing it to family and recommending it to friends, Fauci went on an all out PR campaign to bring a life saving drug into disrepute within the trusting public & medical community. Why? Because if there was any alternative theraputic, the FDA would have been forced to block emergency authorization of his precious experimental MRNA gene therapy vaccines. Thousands of people who died from SARS2 were denied a proven effective, safe, cheap, readily available drug by the very man who funded the dangerous research leading to the disease itself. Much blood on this narcissist sociopaths hands. If there is any justice left in this world, Dr. Fauci will face a Nuremberg 2.0 Trial.

  3. Look at gates, gates is behind pharma he doesnt want people to no about Ivermectin, He got his hands in to iT platforms ,tabloid, and hes still got a say in Microsoft, I beleive its him behind d the media and platforms shutting of any mention of Ivermectin and it effectiveness, hes definitely behind Pfizer and pfizer has made over 50 billion on there Vaccines, he wont want Ivermectin soiling his bank roll ,hes a dangerous man

  4. Dr Pierre Kory pleaded for it's use last December in a sensate hearing stating ivermectin is a preventative cure for the ccp19 reset virus. As far as I'm concerned every doctor who has let a patient die of the ccp19 reset virus without giving ivermectin as a last resort should be charged with willfull negligence leading to death. I asked a Dr of mine to prescribe it for me at the start of the reset coup and I've never seen a doctor so lost and mentally preoccupied / bothered that they forgot the steps of the specific procedure they've done a million times before. It's clear the medical industry in Canada has agreed to the ccp19 virus reset and to allowing the needless deaths of innocent people to push a ccp19 virus reset communist crusade, we've even caught health ministers in hot mic moments talking how they just read what's written down on the paper for them to speak to the camera during health briefings, as talking (reading) heads not as health professionals, strictly talking heads. Once this is all done the health industry will need to be put back in their places of servitude, or jail, or worse. They won't be elevated into politics ever again! Either this is the start of WWIII or the very end of ccp19 reset crusaders, but North America's citizens won't ever side with the contemporary axis of evil like the Trudeau and Biden administrations clearly have, we're actually gonna deal with those frauds too. Leave it to leftism to create the circumstances of their very own destruction.

  5. As far as I understand it.. EUA for vaccines is predicated on there being no other effective treatments. VAST amounts of resources have been poured into these vaccines, from their R&D & manufacturing to pervasive programs to "reduce vaccine hesitancy" (like Project VCTR).
    When this is coupled with everything else going on like shifting wealth, massive general propaganda campaigns, and power grabs..
    ..Well, here we are.
    From the perspective of those benefiting from this situation there is literally no reason to change course (other than morals/ethics/saving lives…..). Particularly when the tools to maintain this paradigm, like censorship, have been so deeply embedded during the same time period.

  6. A few hundred years ago we'd be chasing the bas*^rds down the street with pitchforks and torches. Now instead we cower in silence and fear. Amazing.

  7. I do not understand the question "Why does Twitter get a vote?" It is THEIR PRIVATE platform and speech is freely available elsewhere. The better question is why no one cares that all media perhaps with the exception of this one, have ignored Ivermectin? Because we are already past amusing ourselves to death

  8. I'm sure nobody is profiting by being the censors. I'm sure nobody in the government is working with these companies to root out insurrection and this campaign was just a start to show how good they were at it and to fall inline with the biden administration. I'm sure nobody is prifoting from widespread drug distribution to the 3rd world that has any influence in any of the mentioned companies.

  9. Wasn't LinkedIn acquired by Microsoft? Who are Microsoft's stakeholders? What about Twitter's affiliations? Who benefits from medical censorship?

  10. There are life rafts we can use, are proven to work, and yet we can't get in them. As Bret mentioned in a recent prior video, somehow new vaccines with a limited-at-best track record are permitted under EUA, yet a medication with a 40-year track record and documented efficacy against COVID is being sidelined.

  11. In reference to the most recent podcast; I often listed to a podcast called "The trial site news". It offers a sufficient insight into safety and relative efficacy of Ivermectin along with other therapeutic agents.i suspect Gilead would not want to share the monopoly on covid -19 tx, especially if it generates them an inordinate amount of money.
    Furthermore, you might find some semblance of an answer to the posed question: "Why would Twitter and other tech giants not want to stop the pandemic?" in a documentary by a Dutch author (can't think of her name) "The Fall