Big Tech LIED About Parler To Get Them Banned, New Report EXPOSES Lies

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join fellow YouTuber Jeremy from The Quartering to discuss the recent news that Parler reported multiple threats of violence to the FBI before the January 6th protest at the Capitol.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. The problem with leftist fascist totalitarians is that humans suck. On all political spectras. Lies, narcissism, hippocrasy etc, are the fundamental ”qualities” of people.

  2. I love Tim, but It's kinda cringe to watch him gatekeep crypto and shill for Btc.
    Btc literally has no utility, except to buy Tesla cars, and the company uses more energy than the country of Argentine every day.

    Eth is much better, but it still does not compare to newer more innovative companies like HBAR and XRP.

    Btw: notice all those calling XRP a shitcoin only rehash Vitali's smears.

  3. Big tech is allowed to lie with no consequences. But just as freedom of speech doesn't extend to yelling "fire" in a crowded theater and get people trampled to death, when big tech claims to be doing things for the public benefit, they need to face some consequences.

  4. The problem is people who don’t pay attention to politics and they subconsciously use the talking points of TV movies school etc….

  5. Facebook and instagram are pretty bad. scammer central. There is fb group pages that sales peoples phone numbers, they would get them from sale ad's and profiles

  6. If you don't have a functioning economy, it will collapse
    That is what Tim is saying.
    Take the brave browser for example. They server you an ad. The advertiser of that ad paid for you to see it. You get some of that payment and brave browser gets some of that payment.
    Where on odessey, minds, whatever is the money coming from? Where is the initial purchase?
    Odessey charges people to upload videos. Is that enough of a charge to pay the people watching the videos?
    Minds charges for people to boost their posts. Is a boosted post enough to pay others to view said post?

    Bitcoin is a circular economy. You pay money to create a bitcoin. I.e. you pay for the electricity. You precieve that bitcoin to have the value of the cost of electricity that you spent on it. Others pay to transfer a bitcoin from one person to another. The cost to transfer is equivalent to the cost it was to generate said bitcoin. I.e. the electricity. Second to that, the value of bitcoin is the cost of entry to invest in other crypto currencies.

    Etherium. Is the same as bitcoin. Except it added a programming layer so people could build applications on top of it.

  7. The business plan would work. Combining a YT like platform w/ Telegram and Twitter like functionality makes sense. The site has exclusive content and horizontally integrates various revenue streams. The app would be downloadable from the site. Get them to view the content and the app downloads will follow.

    Biggest threat to these businesses will be payment processors. They can bury an entity. Solving that component will be the tallest technology hurdle long term.

  8. Wrong about odysee on this one Tim, if you make millions on Youtube and are safe here then don't bother but you can have a few subscribers and few views and earn – unlike on here where its 1000 subs and 4000 hours and an Adsense account to be considered. So for many it will be better. Also for viewers its ad free unlike on here where you get blitzed nowadays.

  9. Completely disagree with the assessment that android phones exist solely to distribute ads. Ads is the way Google finances the development of Android. Which is different, one does not buy an Android phone to view ads, the incentive is not ads. Google must provide an incentive, an that is great products. Google is upfront about that, its there business model. People want phones because we communicate and phones and the internet are fantastic way to keep connected.

  10. Love the show, but these other guys need to stop trying to jump all over Tim's train of thought before he's even finished talking. Let him finish. Let him talk. Once he's finished, THEN tell him why you disagree. Some of us wanted to hear where he was going with that, and you're cutting us off too.

  11. Real Good of Congress and Law enforcement to Stand up and TELL THE TURTH about Parler????? The WHOLE BUNCH IS CORRUPT? TOP TO BOTTOM……From Capitol to Corporations all are CORRUPT and CONLUDING with each other for POWER and MONEY……ALL of these CORRUPT PEOPLE need to be held accountable Just Like the Cigarette Makers were held accountable? The Corrupt Government is proving how Corrupt they are BY LETTING THIS CONTINUE because it Benefits the Democrats slide to SOCIIALISM!!!!!
    We are Headed for Civil War because these People are traitors for Power????

  12. Tim acts as if because he’s “known” about Crypto for a decade he’s an expert. Far from it. If he thinks BTC and ETH Is the end all he’s shortsighted. Utility is key with these alt coins like $XRP. In fact XRP is the future as it makes cross border payments effortlessly. Central banks will adopt soon. Also, it’s a “green coin” unlike BTC which uses gross amounts of energy. Tim needs some updated research.