Big Tech’s Smoking Gun? Amala Ekpunobi, Robert Barnes, Spencer Klavan | ROUNDTABLE | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Amala Ekpunobi, Robert Barnes, and Spencer Klavan about the Biden administration’s Big Tech collusion scandal; how Karine Jean-Pierre is trying to cover her tracks about having Big Tech doing social media censorship at the behest of the President in the name of fighting misinformation on social media; Hillary Clinton’s comments on “The View”, where she creates an insane link between MAGA Republicans and fascism; AOC’s delusions about why she thinks she can’t be president and her irrational fears of sexism and being killed; Barack Obama telling his biggest lie yet about Joe Biden’s presidency; and Jill Biden singling out Joe Biden and humiliating him in front of a crowd.


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  1. Biden's "Swamp" did it wrong. In Canada JT is passing a whole bunch of new legislation to 'give' him the power to censor Canadians and legitimize Big Tech force feeding us his propaganda.

  2. Joe actually did stand. Why Jill made fun of him amazes me. I saw the other video angles. Was she trying to make light of his position? Does she not respect him? Was it just a cheap shot?

  3. Is my computer glitching or was there a tech problem around 23:16?? When he it talking about the Clint*n Foundation it got all wonky…and skipped….and more beyond that! There is no way the platform would do something like that….right?

  4. I've tried 4 times to convert this URL to a downloadable MP3 file, using 4 different services. Each time it's been flagged as uncovertable. First time this has happened with any YouTube video I've tried to convert.

  5. Google buys and closes, on average, one company a week. They do this to prevent any of them from potentially growing to the point they might become a rival. They are far beyond the free market. They have a monopoly, and have no intention to give it up.

  6. It isn't a binary choice between Democrats and Republicans but Trump against the Swamp. There are many Swamp Rats in both parties but it seems that the Dems. are deeper in. RINO means Swamp dweller who can't climb out. There will be more RINOS created if Trump wins!

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