Big Tech’s WAR On Your Privacy | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar have James Li take a deep look at how Big Tech companies wage war on Americans’ privacy

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James Li:

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  1. Chuck Schumer's daughters work for Apple meta and Amazon and he's holding back legislation that would help with the massive censorship and the Monopoly status these companies have.

  2. While I don't agree a lot with Kyle I personally love when he comes on the show. BP is all about real diversity of options and viewpoints and Kyle 100% brings that to the table!

  3. I’m currently having an issue with Facebook that has got me thinking and frankly worrying more about Big Tech.

    After a software update my account was flagged and restricted from using any ad or commerce features. I spoke to multiple people at Facebook who assured me this just seems like a technical issue but I’d have to file an appeal, and that someone would follow up with me after 48 hours. That was 3 weeks ago. I’ve been on weekly calls, talked to support staff; they have requested multiple forms of ID, they sent me dozens of useless links, but they are as bureaucratized and compartmentalized as most governments.

    I have bills, I have staff, I have clients; I explained to them that this is costing me and them money, and that even when this is resolved this really slants my view of their services. Its like being kicked out of the local mall where you both own a store and shop yourself, not given any explanation, asked for even more personal information and ID than they already gather on their own, then put on hold for a month.

    With our digital ecosystems and economies, the idea of policing through a press of a button should terrify people. We can see how easily governments like the CCP (and, sad to say, my own government here in Canada) can abuse these systems by bending law, but individual Big Tech corporations as large as Google, Meta, and Amazon can just as easily bend policy to a similar effect.

  4. Lol privacy died a long time ago for most people. The work is takes to maintain online "privacy" would literally require folks to switch to linux at the bare minimum which already is way too much of an inconvenience; for the most part – people are just rearranging deck chairs on the titanic with regards to digital privacy.

  5. Google is captured too…Google " What is dark Brandon? " on your pc…you will get a page full of adds and search results and at the top of the page a possible total number of search results at 600,000 or something like that…BUT…if you jump pages forward you can only go to page 4 and there are no only have 44 sites in total !!…so which is Google 6 million or 44?…it's obviously more than 44…so Google is just a part of the left propaganda machine at this stage…that and a glorified portal for advertising.

  6. Amazon is the most outrageous example. They should be broken into at least 5 different companies, but our anti-trust laws were not updated to cover Internet era. And they never will be, because corporate cartels became bigger than any national government and control all US legislative agenda.

  7. It's pretty easy, don't use google, facebook, or any other platform. People are not only happy to give their private and intimate details away to big tech, in many cases they actually pay to have it stolen. People are sadly so dumb and so willing. It makes me so sad. I can only summarize that humans don't value themselves at all.

  8. Every single app on your phone gives easy access it’s a portal to your phone. That’s coming directly from former CIA Andrew bustamante go watch Lex fridman’s podcast

  9. It's not just privacy. The most profitable Amazon division is AWS – they control most cloud market, i.e. modern Internet infrastructure. They kill any competition, because they own environment as well.

  10. Big Tech views platform users as their product. If you read the terms of service, they make it clear. Albeit in a cloudy, shady way.

    It's all listed in that fine print that everyone scrolls past in order to check the "I agree" box. Read it sometime.

  11. “The tech knows everything about you” – is one of the most annoying myths in society. The tech doesn’t know s**t about you, nor do they care. All data about your personal behaviour and most of you personal information is encrypted and the only entities which have access to it and can read it are algorithms who try to serve you the best product and/or ad. That’s it! No one in Facebook can look into the database and determine – yeah, John seems to enjoy vacations in Italy and also has some kinky interest in sex toys and seems to have high cholesterol as well – like nobody not even Zuckerberg knows this or really cares.

  12. News Flash! No one is forcing you to use Amazon..I am having a hard time understanding why people are such willing participants..I really don't get it. I have never used amazon, never will.

  13. people, stop buying anything from amazon. it's not hard to find better deals than amazon by simple web search. i asked amazon to delete my account since someone was adding a bunch of stuff to my cart and i was getting emails from amazon saying "will you authorize a purchase with this amount?" – good indications of their web services constantly being hacked. So, please stop buying from amazon for yourself.

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