Biggest Lie of Our Century – WHO Vindicates China

The WHO visited the Wuhan lab, and guess what? They all but absolved the Chinese government of nearly any culpability in the pandemic. Here’s what happened.

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Written by laowhy86

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  1. Think about it: At least you can talk about it openly now. For the time being.

    (Meanwhile I searched for Hillary talking about Assange today, joking "Can't we just drone this guy?" Turns out all the videos of her saying that, in that meeting, has been scrubbed. The only video links I found, were to channels that have all been taken down…)

  2. Thank You C Milk you are nothing short of a hero, please keep bringing awareness to the World.
    Best wishes to you and Winston for 2021.

  3. canada is on track to making covid vaccine resistant. gathering our own evidence to convince us one shot is enough… mostly cuz we don't have any to begin with. so we're gonna make our own… or something? justin has given his wife a billion dollars… our country has vaccinated .53% of our people with both shots. like 2% of everybody… with one.

  4. Another lied..he’s lies all the way from china to America..he’s spreading fake news around the world…karmas will come to you soon buddies ..

  5. This WHO "investigation" is staged, produced and directed by the CCP. The WHO "scientists" are regurgitating what was just spoon fed to them as they have already sold their souls to that government. Infected frozen meat from abroad is so outrageous, but its purpose is to create a narrative to the Chinese people that the pandemic did not begin in China but was brought to them from a foreign country. Any Chinese who disagrees with this will be arrested and placed in a re-education camp.

  6. The whole WHO-China investigation is like a murderer killed someone but the investigators were his family and let him clear the blood off the walls and only let the investigators inspect when he was finished covering his tracks. They wanted to investigate 2 months after the murder but only let them investigate after a year because that was when all his tracks were covered