Bigoted Trans Activist Speaks at Netflix / Dave Chappelle Protest | Ashlee Marie Preston Tweets

Ashlee Marie Preston organized the anti—Dave Chappelle comedy Netflix employee walkout. This is what Ashlee Marie Preston said.

Netflix Dave Chappelle Protest Leader’s Racist Tweets | Ashlee Marie Preston’s

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Dave Chappelle photo by John Bauld; changes made

Written by Matt Orfalea


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  1. miss piggy HAHAHAHHA.
    clearly we can all laugh at life, this existence, and what a fucking crazy tragedy we're all experiencing. none of us know if we're dying tomorrow.
    I see that taking offense/SJW/safe space stuff is just like abortion and gunculture and immigration – they're symptoms of economic policies.
    If we all had living wages, healthcare, low pharma costs, and all that we would not fucking care about jokes anymore.

  2. this is so funny and its mostly frightening that sheep believe she is an activist….thanks zuck! your perverse creation of facebook to grade physical beauty of campus women has really proven your worth to society and your creation has destroyed reality

  3. Fake sign language??? A woman was just exposed for doing fake sign language because they make a lot of money!
    I'm NOT DEAF but know enough sign language to get by, I don't think she's doing ASL… Sign language is different depending on the country so that might be what she's doing??
    Can anyone CONFIRM OR DENY this interpreter?

  4. This is one of the things that is destroying the left. Instead of supporting causes we are told to support a list of causes… some of them going against everything we know and believe to be right .

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