Bill Barrs Bizarre Doublespeak on the FBI Raid and Indicting Trump

“They got evidence but should’t charge”… wat?:

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  1. Trump needs to make much better choices if he gets another presidential run, almost all his previous picks were swamp creatures, he needs to make sure not to make that mistake again.

  2. One of the problems with President Trump is that he gives scumbags chances to redeem themselves, is one of his weaknesses. But then again he appointed all of these scumbags based on recommendations from more seasoned career politicians, when he wins again just start over completely with new people.

  3. FBI Director: "I will NOT entertain ridiculous, SEDITIOUS conspiracy theories that the FBI has any perverts on their staff! Melania Trump's lingerie had to be examined for microchips, and the distinctive odor emitted by such technology required ample smell-testing (…and only by humans – dogs totally can't detect them). Any suggestions to the contrary constitute sarcastic tourism!"
    "Uh… don't you mean 'stocastic terrorism' sir?"
    "It's ma'am now, you bigot!"

  4. I'm a classical liberal.  I think that if classical liberals, Libertarians, objectivists, centrists, conservatives get together create your own platforms and think tanks. We also need to talk about ideas and issues and support platforms that value liberty. I've created a discord for us to do this. Let me know and I'll send a link.

  5. They also wanna keep the investigation relevant so they can make call backs as the elections encroach. Obviously the investigation won't conclude for many months. So, it's one more round(albeit a blank) in the chamber for Dems to use as part of the campaign rhetoric. When it comes down to it, the Dems are more weak kneed than a starving African trying to squat 405.

  6. I hope this (2020, the election, the time that’s passed since) has all been part of 5D chess playing into the need for Trump to be elected in 2024 and have an administration that is hand picked and stripped of the infidels that ruined his first 4 years.

  7. The thing to do, would have been to find good people outside of the government, since all to often DT did not, hopefully it was for the dark ones to expose themselves, which they have done and continue to do so.

  8. Maybe if you fucking got off your lazy ass Styx you'd know from both the warrant and affidavit Trump does have problems on this one. It sites 3 laws, not just the fucking espionage act. If he indeed has mishandled the docs, he's in serious enough shit. I don't expect jail, but get off your ass and read the fucking thing you lazy, lazy fucker.

  9. If Barr's opinion was legitimate, then Trump could get re-elected, and on his first day in office reclassify everything Obama took home and the send the FBI to drag him off in shackles. Admittedly, that's a hysterical image, but obviously it's ludicrous.

  10. Barr was always in on the attacks on Trump. He bluffed and blustered about being a force for law and order in government but whenever the chips were down he flew cover for the deep state hacks. From blaming all of the Russiagate on a single lawyer (and then not prosecuting him) to demanding answers about Epstein's death only to declare it was all an incredible collection of impossible coincidences that led to there being no evidence but that Epstein killed himself his actions always showed his true colors.

  11. Why does no one care what Trump has to go through (Media hates him, Russiagate, 2 fake impeachments, rigged election, spying, a raid…) with all this? Even if he is "rich" why is he below the law now? All of the things the Democrats are doing just make me believe in Trump more…so unless you can PROVE he is selling nuclear secrets to Russia then STFU and stop…just stop…this is destroying America and everyone is dumber for having to put up with it.

  12. Well Styxx you are wrong on this one. Mark my words. Think about scenario where you get pulled over for a minor traffic violation. You will get a ticket. What are the odds Trump was ignorant of fact or ramifications of possessing NON declassified documents in the first place? What are odds there were classified documents in that box? Then no doubt an indictment will be forthcoming. I agree WAPO reporting is garbage, but on the othethand he may have broken the law technically speaking. If so he will be indicted and like that traffic citation for a broken taillight, it will be leveraged to the fullest extent possible. WE CAN AGREE TO DISAGREE – but like the Dems your analysis is skewed as well. I am apolitical.

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