Bill Burr Just DEMOLISHED Hypocritical Women For The FAILURE Of Female Sports In New Netflix Special

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Written by TheQuartering

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  1. Meanwhile, he's married to an insufferable SJW feminist. He's gone Hollywood douche bag, has become weirdly unfunny, although he at one time was admittedly great. And he didn't stick up for Gina when she got fired from the Mandalorian. Too little too late Bill. He's too busy conforming to rules of the woke power structure in Hollywood and not pushing boundaries.

  2. "Gender is subjective." Idiots who honestly, fervently believe that are the REAL problem…and they are the true fascists, telling us to get with their program or we're 'bad people'. They're full of it in every sense.

  3. Your videos are never queued up properly. Is it so hard? Stop skipping around. You never even got to the part of the quote and its only a minute long.

  4. Nobody wants to watch women be strong, fast, and technical. We want to watch them be graceful, poised, and delicate. And we want skin tight outfits. Women don't have to abide by that, but that's what draws an audience and thus makes money. Just how it is.

  5. If you’re actively trying to keep your hair from falling out with drugs and surgery, you’re fighting against the inevitable and letting vanity rule over you. Shave your dome and enter the ranks of kings. Gone turn out like freakin’ Brendan Fraser, afraid of your reflection.

  6. Fun fact, I don't know if this is actually still true today, but, years ago I looked up stats on WNBA veiwership.

    More men go to WNBA games and more men watch WNBA games on TV than women do.

    Barely any women ever cared about having a WNBA. The number was so small. It's just that those few women were able to brow-beat every pu$$y-B|tch loser into "agreeing" with them on Twitter and such.

  7. Burr is evolving as his life evolves. His super progressive wife has had a huge impact but being a father myself i can say it changes you and you realize things (unless you are a pathetic excuse for a man and leave like most people of a certain race). I like old Burr best but his new stuff was mostly funny, some missed the mark for me

  8. It’s very simple regarding women’s sports. If a sport can organically grow and generate viewership and fandom, they should and will be successful.
    Women’s athletics tennis and skiing would be examples of sports which are just as popular in their female versions.
    Well then those are probably those that deserve to exist!

  9. I actually don't think that people should be raising their kids transgender, even just socially, it's tantamount to psychological abuse, but there really isn't a way to legislate that. The pharmaceutical industry however should be restrained along with these other cultural institutions such as children's media and schools which seek to take advantage of the impressionableness of children to both validate their beliefs (because kids will tend to acquiesce and imitate, but they'll say that is because children are so magical, and nonjudgemental and not because they are intellectually vulnerable) and indoctrinate kids into those beliefs; to firmly set in them the idea that it is so incredibly wrong if you don't speak the right pronouns, that gender is how you feel inside, etc., and most importantly, that anyone who doesn't do those things are evil.

    So everything else, yeah, agree with The Burr but honestly… this isn't simply a matter of parental choice. At it's core I think it's about a society governed based off an absolutely absurd understanding of the truth, one that is relativistic and disconnected from objective reality, and that in that effort, rejects by censorship, aggression, and other means the truth itself.

  10. I think it is earth shattering. Most of these jesters are so afraid they won't say these things. It shouldn't be earth shattering but cancel culture still exists.

  11. So, just a point I'd like to make – your statement(originally Bill Burr's) is inherently misogynistic. Stating that it's men that subsidize women's sports is incorrect, at it's core. Here's why – all professional sports have fans from all gender groups. Fans are the cogs in the wheels of these sports. So PLEASE tell me just exactly HOW it's only men that are subsidizing female sports leagues?

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