Bill Clinton Caught In Photos With Jeffrey Epstein Accuser!

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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  1. The French Twins Clinton was seen with on the Island ..12 years old..Bought by Epstein and shipped to the USA..Could Not found by The Florida Chief Investigator ..Who also died suddenly..

  2. She appears happy and content to be there doing what she is doing…not saying no one has been victimized.. but this doesn't look like one of those instances.. more a case of a 22 year old woman getting paid money to do a job she is doing it willingly.

  3. Bill Clinton is unfortunately one of many examples of a scum bag that could have helped our citizens and country but instead helped himself and his cronies by screwing over the US citizens and country. Ronald Reagan's Administration started the destruction of the USA, Bill Clinton's Administration supercharged it. Every administration in between and since has just added on. Sadly, just like the POS Koch brothers (luckily down to one now) he'll live a long comfortable life after he promoted and allowed the destruction of our citizens and country. If there was such a thing as Karma, the Lolita Express would have crashed into the ocean with him and all the scum bags that ever flew on it at one time, minus the trafficked girls..

  4. Another endorsement to vote for Trump. Also funny as hell that the reporter asked Trump about the Q thing about pedophiles running the world, Trump should have said it's true it's called Hollywood and the Democratic party.

  5. She’s 22, aI thought they all were 14 yr old..

    Don’t Matter! Trump 2020 and you wonder why the swamp-establishment-elites are so fukin afraid of America voting for Trump again!

  6. That pic looks like it was taken in order to have something to hold. Should say something about Epstein and his cia connection

  7. Uh, the lady is 22 in the picture. Last I checked, the accusations against Epstein involved underage women. Are we gonna condemn legal adults now for giving neck massages? Do we need to card check every female massagist if they are under 23 years old? The overall accusations against Epstein and his friends are clear, but one could make a better case than "Bill Clinton got a neck massage from a legal adult woman", right?

    Sorry, this just seems like puritan opportunist nagging from Jimmy and Steph to me. I expect better from them, honestly.

  8. I don't like either side, they're all slime bags for the most part. Though Trump mingled in these same sleazy sewers with more pictures of him and Epstein than Clinton.
    Always looking for unbiased reports is all.