Bill Gates Admits Jeffrey Epstein Friendship A ‘HUGE MISTAKE’

Briahna Joy Gray, Kim Iversen, and Robby Soave react to newly revealed details about Bill Gates’ relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

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  1. Media outlets still want to hear from Bill and barely brings Epstein up because Gates pays them hundreds of millions of dollars.

    What I find very interesting is comparing how Elon Musk is treated as a villain for trying to buying Twitter/voicing support for free speech vs how Bill Gates has been treated as a benevolent humanitarian the last couple of years despite his relationship to Epstein. Also that people act like he is some medical authority we should listen to/ not question despite being super wrong about Covid repeatedly, not have credentials in medicine. Also you were called a conspiracy theory for questioning his motives. When this is obviously a VERY ethically dubious billionaire who thinks there are too many people, has amassed incredible power over global public health and is now scooping up farmland in the US like no one’s business. But it’s crazy to worry about that. Especially when Elon musk is threatening to bring free speech (within the confines of the law) back Twitter. Nuts.

  2. there's some videos here in YouTube back in 2017,2018 and early 2019 stating that most Friends of Jeffrey Epstein were demokrat party.. who are those friends of Jeffrey Epstein from demokrat party?..

  3. Definitely shows if you have the right connection or play a crucial role they'll use you. Insane to think nobody else has gone down yet. 😔

  4. The billionaire nerd has been blackmailed by the deep state. Bill Gates traveled to Jeff Epstein’s jailbait island and the rest is history. Gates is now a team player with benefits who does not have a choice in the matter. The ONLY reason Gates’ executor of his will is Epstein’s associate is the blackmail power over his life.

  5. I think Epstein hooked gates up with women but probably not minors. Gates was a rich nerd that could buy time with women and Epstein facilitated. If it wasn't minors and the women were ok with that, no one did anything wrong. But Gates can't say that. Nothing wrong but marital infidelity.

  6. Like many wealthy and famous people we have every sinister character trying to attach themselves. Bill Gates didn't have problems until he decided to help black people in Africa

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