Bill Gates belongs in prison

Written by Viva CLIPS!


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  1. It's pretty easy to look back & criticize but at the time the Chinese government was very slow in giving out info on the true scope of this. That hasn't really changed on any subject really.

  2. Covid 19 was part of the new world order. They are working on a new virus now. Gain of function, high transmissibility, the works. All other modern weapons get intentionally more deadly with time. We are now in a war against the human race.

  3. People like Bill Gates are visionaries, they solve real-world problems, when you become useful to people you reap the benefits as a side effect, that's why capitalism is so damn great. Stop overthinking, and get some common sense.

  4. Bill was buying up large amounts of land in Ukraine this last five years and I’m sure he is well pissed that Russia Habsburg taken it off him and his democrat friends .

  5. lmao rewriting the past, which was itself, a rewriting of the present. these fuckers are sociopaths through and through. and well, its safe to say that whatever it was they wanted to accomplish with covid has been fulfilled.

  6. He should be jailed , all his assets sold and the cash distributed to people that lost their jobs, people that got sick with this crap…..

    Pay for the damages

  7. why just Gates….more should join him in prison……I can't stand this man preaching about anything…but he even can't fix viruses in his own operating computer systems…C'mon man

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