Bill Gates ‘is an oligarch’: Neil Oliver on the billionaire’s global influence

Neil Oliver discusses billionaire Bill Gates’ global influence and his presence at Westminster.

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  1. What a load of rubbish. Who is she anyway? Whoever she is, I wouldn't heed or pay any attention to anything she says full stop! He is unelected because of his wealth. He is a man I wouldn't listen to as he makes his money illegally.

  2. Two years I have endured the constraints of the British government and general public to witness my fellow British brothers and Sisters lead themselves by the nose ring to injustice…I'll be filing an official complaint and a citizens arrest of my Local MP Hancock (former public health minister), Johnson, Sunak, Patel, Valance, Whitty, Starmer, Cummings et al. Under Law we all have a duty to report any suspicious activity and under Natural Law we have a duty to protect each other. Your local Police force is required under law to file your complaint, provide you with a crime number and to investigate. Then we'll re-write the Magna Carta that protects the people for the next century or more.

    "Under no man shall I kneel, to obey the destruction of our rights for the sake of those who are blind to tyranny"

  3. As I understand it, Putin has some leverage over his oligarchs. In our country, the oligarchs of the West are above our politicians and no one can hold a candle to them. In this way, our oligarchs ensure that they remain untroubled by politics and have a tremendous influence on the media and the flow of information in general.

  4. My heart goes out to the people of Britain for the passing of the queen but I had something else to say about Bill Gates why does no one mention when it comes to omicron and then making a vaccine why did Bill Gates say approximately, sadly omicron is more of a vaccine than the vaccine itself yet they are creating a vaccine for it?

  5. his kind of wealthy, is just inmoral. Nobody could be able to be that rich, cause its mean that others have nothing, plain simple. The wealth of someones cant be the luxory of others… if that is capitalism, we have to change it before the world gets kidnapped, period. This is not about left and right, they own everyone, this is about a dystopian world, ruled by pedophile sociopaths, with no soul… the devil, is always in disguise…

  6. Thank god for independent media! These dangerous unelected oligarchs are destroying sovereign countries and obviously wants to rule the world. Taking away freedoms, taking away the m8ddle class and have ppl rely on them for food and medicine they pretend works. Most ppl dont want there jabs, they're loosing.

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