Bill Gates LIES Are Starting TO COLLAPSE

Bill Gates LIES Are Starting TO COLLAPSE!

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  1. Okay, I don't know, FOR A FACT, how much of the Gates thing or Epstein things are true. Don't know, don't care, UNLESS, I see "the list." As far as underage girls giving guys massages, is that even illegal?! Who gives a ish as long as it's a real massage, on the up and up, no funny business, nothing personal exposed.

  2. I clicked. But come on. We all know farm stuff is Monsantos. They are the ones getting us fat, and making girls hit puberty early. So nah. Pick a different lane. That one is taken.

  3. You never had an issue with his Covid lies?
    He predicted around when/ definitely where it would be.
    It happens.
    He gives it to Fauci to take out of the US to do the Gain of Function and Leak. Fauci has a guy broker the deal. When they go do the investigation into what happened and the lab leak, the same guy who Fauci brokered the deal with did the investigation. So they’re investigating themselves!?.
    Fauci got caught in so many lies.
    It’s the same playbook. They cause the problem so they can swoop in and profit off it.
    A bunch of leaders from around the world got together and wanted to make the vaccines (which weren’t vaccines- they changed the definition to be able to include it. Among other definitions) free to everyone. Bill Gates fought very hard so he got the intellectual property rights to it.
    He also paid over $80 million for positive publicity about himself and the vaccines.
    That’s just the start of it. Not to mention trying to hide the findings of the vaccines for 75 years.
    He’s evil and should be put to death.

  4. "uh, I shouldn't have been there. uh. I made a mistake. uh there were reports". They are also child rapists and the DOJ and FBI is letting them run around. They are not just pedo's, they are financial terrorists and market manipulators.

  5. It's not a conspiracy, these people are forcing a sick and twisted NWO and it must be stopped at all cost. Soros is a Nazi Simp, he and his kind wants to control you like cattle.

  6. He recently bought huge acres in North dakota. The man who spoke about food shortage and aways talking about the need to de populate cause not going have enough food and resources.

  7. And Trump now doesn't like Elon… who just happened to nearly use Gates as an 'advisor
    Not to mention him being childish about his 'truth' social network, viewing twitter as an enemy'

  8. Melinda has so much dirt on Bill that she took half his chit and he didn't fight it.
    Remember Bill stole Microsoft from acouple collage friends when he was supposed to write code for them. The courts said he was guilty of stealing the blueprints from them and he had to pay them millions. Fare Fare less than he should have. You really have to dig to find the truth online. Bill G. is a known thief and a terrible person. EVIL COMES TO MIND.

  9. Remember that friend of his who was caught with thousands of pedo pics inside of Bill's mansion? There was a little blurb in the news, and then we didn't hear anything else about it. Of course it was assumed that the pics were not Bill's. Whether his friend brought those thousands of pics to that mansion, or they were already there, pedo birds of a feather…

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