Bill Gates Lies While Blaming Unvaxxed For Pandemic

For a rapacious mega-billionaire who was buddy buddy with Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Gates has a remarkably positive public image, most likely thanks to the tens of millions of dollars he’s “contributed” to hundreds of different media outlets. But an oligarch has to always be on the lookout to make sure the masses never wise up and turn on you, which is likely why Gates is still pushing the idea that blame for the pandemic rests on vaccine skeptics who refused to take the jab.

Jimmy and America’s Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss Gates’ recent appearance with actor Kal Penn where the two did their level best to remind the audience to blame their neighbors for the extended pandemic.

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  1. I think the people who are vulnerable are – ELDERLY, OBESE and those taking a lot of pharma drugs from their doctor. That's usually elderly and the obese. The one drugged into oblivion in care homes dropped dead like flies in care homes. Some elderly not on drugs – healthy – never get sick.

  2. So he put a stop to people travelling and now still today unless u have a full course of the leaky vaccine travelling internationally is near impossible to western countries especially USA

  3. Just wanna remind people that bill gates has been holding seminars with government agencies since AT LEAST 2003 talking about using vaccines to inject other stuff into people to nullify part of brain that causes strong emotions.

  4. Can he hear himself what a load of rubbish. My god Fauchi is so delusional he needs to be in the basement. I’m not vaccinated nor is my family and my husband is in the medical field. I couldn’t believe how many people gave up their freedom so quickly

  5. Bill Gates is an example of the "scum" that rises to the top while the real "crème" sinks to the bottom. He knows that but he doesn't want you to figure it out so he's spent millions on consultants who he hires to clean up his image. Bill Gates 2022 edition bears almost no resemblance to Bill Gates active CEO of Microsoft. Ole Billy now wears jeans and blue oxford cloth shirts with no tie because his consultants told him it would create a sort of "just a regular guy" image. Don't be fooled, ole Billy is just as scummy today as he was in the early 1990s…maybe even more so. If you want to know the real Bill Gates read any or all of the biographies written about him earlier in his life…the ones where he screams at employees and throws things at people he's angry with. Or if you can get her phone number just call Melinda…she'll tell you what Bill is really like!

  6. It was about way more than a money making scheme. And it's still ongoing, we're just in the next phase, the war, money laundering, squeezing-the-population-into- desperation phase in preparation for the universal income lead-in to digital currency and ultimately ESG scores for complete control.

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