Bill Gates, pandemic book

How to Prevent the Next Pandemic (Bill Gates)

If you would like John’s text books, (it is free to download the PDFs)

by Bill Gates is published by Allen Lane at £25
It’s not likely,
I don’t want to be a voice of doom and gloom,
but it’s way above a 5% risk that this pandemic,
we haven’t even seen the worst of it

Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization initiative

Should be managed by the WHO,

team of epidemiologists and computer modellers, dedicated, 2,000 to 3,000

the only body capable, top-notch team of experts,

$55bn a year globally
strengthening healthcare systems in low- and middle-income countries
eradication [of] whole families of respiratory disease, which would mean no more coronaviruses like Covid – and even better, no more flu

What if we had invested $10 billion in energy projects in the developing world? In that case, the return would have been $150 billion.

What about infrastructure? $170 billion.

By investing in global health institutions, however, we exceeded all of those returns:

The $10 billion that we gave to help provide vaccines, drugs, bed nets and other supplies in developing countries created an estimated $200 billion in social and economic benefits.

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. Hi John 🙂 I was wondering if you could tell us anything about the ba.4 and ba.5 variants that they're making a big deal about on msm here in South Australia. Thanks, Joe.

  2. Bill Gates knows all about this because hes probably let the virus out in the first place
    Bill Gates is messing about with the weather he wants rid of cows and breaded mosquitoes to mix with other mosquitoes to kill them off
    Hes also purching land around America ..
    Bill Gates thinks he is a God .
    He wanted to chip people like sheep

  3. Gates is a force for good and put his money where his mouth is…. The cynical tone of this video does not reflect well on John. I normally enjoy this series of podcasts and hope he gets back to more useful commentary soon.

    Gates is clearly influential and understands how the big end of town works and is more likely to get some focus on the problems.

  4. "How to prevent the next pandemic?" – Very simple, get the vaccine now against any possible concoction that's brewing in some biolabs in Ukraine or elsewhere. Now, that we have been trained to roll up our sleeves as soon as the government comes out with some kind of guideline or mandate, biological warfare has been moved into the line of the thinkable: Research PIT – 404 Asovstal.

  5. Very much appreciate the way in which you present topics of concern and from time to time the absurdity of it all. Especially enjoyed watching you exercise self control. Well done!

  6. Sure mention it in passing or critique it, but PLEASE don't promote Bill Gate's — who is causing way more harm than good — book. Bill Gate's quote from his new TED Talk this week, "It's hard to overstate how awful COVID-19 has been." What a complete laugh!!! It has been SO UNBELIEVABLY EASY to OVERSTATE how awful C-19 been! Deaths have been beyond grossly exaggerated with "with COVID" deaths rather than "from COVID." And, most actual deaths have been from mechanical ventilation. And, hospitalization numbers have been grossly exaggerated by testing people already in the hospital for other matters & if they tested positive — even if they have no or very mild COVID symptoms — they have been counted as COVID hospitalizations.

    What a complete nightmare an organization like Gate's proposed "GERM" would be! As we have already seen, where there is a profit-motivated epidemiological hammer, all they see is false epidemiological nails to pound to the ground anywhere & everywhere for maximum profit, no matter the much greater harm caused. And, gain-of-function research on respiratory viruses needs to be banned globally immediately!

    The C-19 "vaccines" have done absolutely nothing. They do absolutely nothing to curb infection or transmission. They were NOT designed to do so, nor were they tested in the trials for infection or spread. And, they were barely even tested to see if they curbed severity of symptoms. Yet, due to all of the grossly distorted reporting in the media, most people dumbfoundingly actually believe that the C-19 "vaccines" were designed & tested in the trials to curb infection & spread. Everyone who has gotten so-called "vaccine" breakthrough cases (which is virtually everyone who has been "vaccinated" who hasn't previously had COVID) had no difference in symptoms than they would have sans "vaccine." We saw more than enough of even these COVID-19 fanatics who got COVID pre-"vaccines" & ended up being asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms to see that this is the case — & that was when there were worse variants. What gall for Gates to perpetuate this myth & to repeatedly bald-face lie & call the C-19 "vaccines" a "miracle" in his TED talk.

    We still have no idea what the long-term adverse effects of these experimental "vaccines" will be. However, recent peer-reviewed studies are revealing some very disturbing such as in-vitro studies showing the spike proteins from the "vaccines" in liver tissue, & in vivo studies showing spike protein from the 'vaccines" in human plasma. And, mice studies that show that spike proteins in plasma cross the blood-brain barrier.

    There have been much higher levels of adverse affects from these experimental "vaccines" than reported by the Big Pharma-financed MSM & that doctors simply refuse to acknowledge nor enter into to VAERS, etc.

    Follow the money…

  7. Bill hates smiled as he told the world that people will listen and wake up when the next one comes as if he and his then wife knew and know what is coming…just like l believe he knew that covid would come from a lab…the man is a tyrant who wants to depopulate at least 10 % of people..

  8. John I think you should warn people to not get too fit and healthy! Paradoxically some of the healthiest have been affected the most during the pandemic due to vaccine side effects.

  9. Its funny how fluoride is poisonous in Europe but in America it's okay to be consumed funny how science changes when you cross a imaginary line from country to country

  10. Read his quote in one of his past bucks!! He says "HOW TO LIE WITH STATISTICS". Of anyone knows the name, please comment it. If not I'll look it up in the morning! Right there should say every thing. Also, Why do much about anti bodies & not t.cells. Also a varint would not need a new booster. Those with SARS, donated blood asks still have naturally immunity 17 years later, SARS & SARS COV 2 has a 80 % similarity. These "variants" or SAMIENTS have a 97.7% similarity & thus your immune system will recognize it! So why push "top ups" it's another LIE!

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