Bill Gates Paying Millions To Buy Positive Media Coverage

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Lee Camp reports on Bill Gates’ donations to media outlets that report favorably on him, the trial of Jeffrey Epstein’s accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, pinkwashing in the Navy, the Republican marijuana legalization plan, and more.

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  1. I'm very disappointed that Gates' being tied to Epstein didn't seem to matter. I thought that would finally take him down. So I giess.that means the people who might out him are in with Gates/Epstein themselves.

  2. He didn’t just buy the media he’s bought universities which is even worse but nooners talking about that the university I went to UTS (Sydney ) one of the shittiest on the planet is all about Bill Gates propaganda

  3. That's how world 🌍 s now…. Double standard..the ones that pretend to be good are the pure Devi it self…. The ones that look bad are the good ones…. Paid media are the tools to accomplish such operations.. FAKE NEWS.

  4. If someone attacks you, and you kill them in self defense, are they victims? Or does the fact that they attacked you negate their claim at victimhood?
    Lee, you are better than this.

  5. OMG! OMG! OMG! Spending millions on changing opinions ?!?!?!?!? I can only guess how many other people are doing the same thing as I type this sentence.

    … remember when Lee Camp was all hard-hitting and did not service any sponsors with silly hit jobs … and hitting a guy looking to spend his billions on something more worthwhile than overly-penis-shaped rockets.

  6. Excellent and hilarious piece. The fake Gates headlines were the best. And yet, after all that bribe money, Gates still comes on Judy Woodruff looking like a creepy cartoon villain and says 'well he's dead, so… (hint hint?)' Yeah, that guy clearly knows how to use his money.

  7. Lee Camp YOU'RE AWESOME!
    Yes, I'm a fan.
    Loved what you said about "Decriminalize ALL drugs!" Because I'm SICK of motherfuckers saying "Oh, we need to get Brandon to legalize marijuana, and other cowardly bullshit!"
    Adults who want ONLY the Mickey Mouse drug to be legal?!
    Are they the same adults who want kids to work for shit wages to kill the general strike?

  8. I want to know WHY there is NO key on the computer keyboard with the SYMBOL for the word Degree? I am a Scientist & have had to spell out that word so many times if I had a dollar for each time I'd be wealthier than Gates the damn college dropout responsible for this travesty!

  9. And as far as the self defense trial went, I'm all for it. As an outsider, you're country is fucked up in its gun fetish. And that will bite you in the ass sometimes. Me at seventeen with an assault rife would have killed many more, I'm sure. And that was just in school. 😉 We didn't have guns or knives or anything but our fists. So I turned into a bully basher. Still revered by some many decades later, even the bullies in question. So there's that. <3

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