Bill Gates plans personal pandemic army as Davos ignores Epstein ties

Journalist Jeremy Loffredo joins Max Blumenthal to discuss Bill Gates’ plans for a supranational pandemic “GERM” force, and to discuss his reporting from Davos, where he questioned World Economic Forum attendees on Gates’ well-documented ties to the late sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

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  1. Gates has always taken a strong interest in all sorts of philanthropy and thus collaborating with people who can make things happen. It really bothers me that he's repeatedly being framed as guilty by association with Jeff Epstein, who was also involved in many charitable and/or scientific projects that had nothing to do with his proclivity for teen girls. It's fair game to question his ideas of handling pandemics, but to drag his name through mud is sorta like discrediting ML King's benefactors & business partners b/c he had an affair.

  2. Just to speculate out of boredom and thin air, "very attractive Swedish girl" meaning…Glenn Dubin's daughter that Epstein was slated to creepily marry (especially considering he dated her mother) and produce his fantasized demon spawn?…

    "cool" world we live in…

  3. Why does Bill Gates own so much land?
    The potential reasons behind Gates' farmland investments are broad. From its vital role in the global food supply to its historically strong financial performance, farmland can play a significant role in any portfolio. Now, it's easier than ever to invest – even without being one of the richest men on the planet.Aug 27, 2021

  4. Bill Gates is a high-tech terrorist, Gates walks like a hostile intelligence service and talks like a hostile intelligence service.
    WHO is a non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like the USA.

  5. okay i know everyone is being serious in the comments below but i can't help but notice jeremy looks like one of my grade 12 physics classmates. literally even the same voice. like a perfect doppelganger.
    unfortunately, jeremy is probably far more aware than said classmate, who is most likely spending most of his time being distracted.

  6. What a shame Jeffrey Epstein is no longer here to give us vaccine advice. We could still consult Ghislaine. Between her, Gates, and Epstein, isn't she the only one with a college degree?

  7. Gates is a product of the anglo saxon contempt for southern ethnic groups. The hubris of their wealthy entitlements like telling the world how to behave. Who should live or die. These plutocrats are dangerous since whatever they do is always right.

  8. Okay….Bill Gates is the virus that supposedly he seeks to eradicate. I mean if we're engaging things that hurt the human race and spirit. Yep, yet he's not the only one…and yeah…IT'S A PANDEMIC!

    Yeah….when he CLAIMS to "uphold" that there's no "reason to have vaccine passports"….well, I think it disingenuous. I'd call smokescreen.

    Does it make sense that the GUY who supported and stands for ONLY vaccination (in his supposed "philanthropy") and not food for the minions ….er…guinea pigs…is now CLAIMING…"he thinks passports are not necessary." Doh!

    I mean what kind of human needs food? Certainly only the unwashed masses of little means…no? But Gates and the like will ante up that "live saving" vaccine…supposedly.

    I believe that he made major ka-ching from said vaccines (oh…and regardless of their uselessness) also withheld supposed "live saving" vaccines from those who could not "ante up".

    I mean AHEM!

    Which is it?

    I mean if I were starving…my first thought would not be….where can I get that vaccine. And if I were starving I would not be thinking that a vaccine would save me….would you?

    Of course….I didn't say that… I only meant that Bill Gates is NOT a philanthropist by any measure of the word.

    Engage FACTS…..blather and suppositions are blather and suppositions.


    Be good.

  9. What is crazy is how “world health” is focused on pandemics when the sum total of deaths worldwide excludes war combatants, war victims, drugs and alcohol, masa shootings, toxic pollutants, poverty, car accidents. The “system” is not health issue #1 for the WHO? Omitting the rest of the picture regarding “health issues” is just stupid crazy and of course suspicious.

  10. Gates funding of WHO is an investment.
    He's a big pharma stockholder.
    Influenceing the organisation which creates the rules that raises your dividends.
    That's corruption.
    Gates is the biggest corruptor of the planet.

  11. The only things recognized by these elite organizations as health-related is food and pharmaceuticals. It’s like livestock logic. The masses are just consuming animals in a capitalist system. Vaccinate them off the truck and get them on the feed bunks!

  12. Wait until the rest of the world figures out that Germ theory is false. Because you believe in germ theory and mainstream medicine you will always be at risk for disease and illness. See, being a holistic practitioner, I know how the body really works and not what your told. I have not had so much as a cold in over 10 years. When you learn the way the body works you can then easily CURE Cancers, autoimmune diseases, and just about anything else you come across even a quadriplegic is curable to 100% See you can't say I was not a quadriplegic there is way to much visual evidence and medical records to prove that. You also can't say that I am not 100% cured as there is much to much visual evidence to that fact as well. In my reality everything is curable for I have already achieved this. I was also jailed, discredited and labeled a quack. Over 100 holistic practitioners have mysteriously died since 2015. They cured everything as well… You should interview me if you want to ruffle some feathers…By the way I found the cure for paralysis in a book written in the early 1800's right next to cholera, One they forgot to burn. Also the cure for polio which is not a virus at all it is an arsenic poisoning. How it works is when a population is introduced to a toxin at the same time and everyone gets sick it mimics contagion and why some don't get sick is because they have a low toxic load. So then create a vaccine and remove the toxin from the population and what happens? You guessed correct it goes away. Arsenic was in a very popular cough suppressant noted in a journal from the surgeon general during the polio pandemic. Another they failed to burn…
    Wake up people your being poisoned…

  13. It means also, they have access to spread artificially made viruses, and blame the country they are in.
    I am sorry, the USA as claiming being the world manager/police is gone absolutely insane. Is he going for Presidency. They will ruin the planet.
    I am surprised, he did not come up to appoint US surveillance for weaponry, military in each country. Disgusting. We have managed well, much better than the USA with Covid. When are US billionaires taking care of their citizen????

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