Bill Gates’ SHOCKING Answer On Jeffery Epstein Ties

Krystal and Saagar respond to the shocking response Bill Gates gave to a reporter when asked again about his years long ties with serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

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  1. I feel like the answers to these questions are simple. "Access to donors willing to fund world health" is code for "blackmail against people I feel are interfering with Gate's foundation work." Not to discount anything other unsavory activities he may or may not have gotten up to, but access to a weapon against people that he felt were standing in his way is why he started the relationship.

  2. Has any seen the FBI shows on CBS this past week that had the details just like Epstein? Crazy how much the shows followed just like the Epstein trials and all the high up people that were involved.

  3. So let’s use critical thinking. This guy who’s best friends with Epstein, pushed the inoculation and now smiles in your face because he’s confident most took it and no repercussions will come to him in time before the inoculation takes effect. Never trust a sociopath to inoculate you

  4. Most people are out of touch with what this means he’s actually done to children throughout our lives. He’s pure evil and should be arrested not be allowed to push anything on the public least or all inoculations from untrustworthy companies!

  5. I wonder if his "he's dead" comment alludes to everyone knowing it was most likely not suicide. Maybe Bill is afraid he knows too much, has seen other famous people including politicians and knows that speaking out might get him "suicided" as well. Whoever killed Epstein not only silenced HIM, but also many others who may have come forward.

  6. It says something sad about the quality of mainstream/corporate journalism if Saagar describes Judy Woodruff's questions for Bill Gates as pressing him pretty hard. She asks some stuff that make Gates uncomfortable…but then let's him off the hook.

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