Bill Gates SWEARS He’s Not An Evil Mastermind

Bill Gates is terribly disappointed. Specifically, he’s disappointed in you – you and all the others around the globe who didn’t fall in line and do as they were told by government and health officials upon arrival of the COVID pandemic. What on earth could have ever happened to undermine trust in these institutions? He’s not an evil mastermind looking to use his money, power and influence to further his own interests and the interests of fellow elites, that’s for sure!

Jimmy and America’s Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the Microsoft founder’s confusion and detachment from the experience of everyday Americans.

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  1. Dump ALL incumbents.
    The term "Dr." in front of a persons name is in modern times the same as "Prince" or "Princess" in that :Dr." is an hereditary title — with little promise of correct decision making or competency, just good bedside manners.

  2. Billy is EVIL. He is friend with Klaus, and other criminals! Vaccines acceptance is down! Why are we still on Emergency draconian measures? End it! How much money did Billy made? Is Billy vaccinated? I want to know!

  3. WRONG – if we had gov run healthcare you would have been forced to get the jab to get treatment. Stop pushing single payer, everyday your show points out how gov CANT do anything right then you want them to run something as important as healthcare. Just stop…

  4. I'm 55 – the nurse who delivered me, found me through the covid period!

    She said "don't ever get that vaccine!
    Vaccines take years of trial & error"

    No-one was gonna trial my immune system with that crap!

  5. Here's what i don't get … How's Jimmy able to see all the corruption within the government but suddenly stop at allowing big government to have a full blown fuckin monopoly over one of the top 3 most critical parts of our lives. I e food, housing, health… Like , let's see how the VA can become a good example before fucking off another , much bigger set of "patients" lol

  6. 10 years is even actually the bare minimum & still heavily scrutinized even by any ethically practicing scientist to adheres to the very strict regime & oath that is ingrained into us formally. Well at least in my generation & when I was in college studying these things & I was specifically working towards doctorates in virology research & vet medicine… & well several other science interests & although organic chemistry was so fascinating & intriguing & what made me a bit of a germaphobe still to this day rightfully so b/c it is equally very eye opening to how seriously terrifying science can be & in many ways is especially in the wrong hands minds or pockets of people who don’t even fully understand or understand enough to manipulate & fund support of science being manipulated & practiced maliciously & without great care & caution & a huge amount of recognized respect for our not being All knowing & meddling around with things we don’t actually know fully & can’t even guarantee what we claim to know about things we believe we have at best a surface of understanding to this is why any good & educated scientists or has any science background knows that our statements we define as facts are only stated as factual based off of the scientific method practiced & strictly abiding to parameters to collecting testing designing in order to provide a quantitative & qualitative, credible & highest validity possible as far as can thus be known, arranged, controlled, considered, reflected, unbiased, lacking any contamination in its constructs from start to finish, in its represented, & interpretation language & visual presentations as well. I mean so much heavily documentation material which is very detail oriented & meticulously expected to keep as a collection of evidence of every systematic move & action & discovery that is made & compiled so it can be a clear transparent mapping for any future researchers to learn from or tweak for improving or discovering that they didn’t consider a variable that was too significant & they didn’t know at the time so there needs to be adjustments made to the research. & it’s clearly understood that for this very reason that facts are only considered or stated facts so long as they have not yet been disproven thus far using again the same support of the scientific method. There in lies this space where there might just be oversight, error, flaw, unawareness, ignorance, unknown variables & variances & possibilities for facts to actually become fictitious or no longer factual but old outdated thought & knowledge predecessors in science once believed to be factual but turns out their work was merely stepping stones leading to another discovery or a need for corrections in our origins of scientific evidence previously accounted for using old knowledge. & besides Bill Gates stole a great deal of his entire tech premise from the founding creators of the original the very very first computer IT software operating developers & engineers had already created & developed so he didn’t even mastermind anything actually unique nor authentic really the only thing really is he put cheap in the equation & that’s it but you also get what you paid for with anything that puts cheap in alignment with any amount of quality or authenticity or longevity & in the hands of career criminal opportunists & master con artists & a very strong drive & inclination to be most ambitious in money & power at the expense of anything actually honestly being of their own creative abilities & seeing the quickest most devious & deceptive corner cutting direct routes to pass their way thru & up to reaching their goal to obtaining that money & power & building that ivory tower they manage to have built on quicksand they then isolate & separate with their brokerages & contracts & blackmail & fear mongered threats & hush hush secrets & buy outs & enabled paid for supports & networked appropriated so called relationships & associations & their oh so relatable under dog leap of faith invested in him & his dreams to come up in the world & how blessed & what an awe inspiring example so he must be good & decent & honest & deserving of his earned position he made for himself. He’s just a very devious cunning forked tongue master word manipulator who found a way to buy into his lie & pay others to buy into his very same lie that they all along the way have profited in some manners in various ways from all the while stealing the consumers who just easily buy into his perception & scheme & support his corrupted existence & position & everything he has & touches. He is a seed of enmity incarnate truly nothing about him is real or genuine or true except for that. Soulless vacant diabolical vessel occupied like a mere puppeteered outfit for entities of enmity & their ventriloquism always guarding his closeted deceptive dishonest skeletons shielding his dark heart from being exposed for all to know & see without doubt that seed of enmity really exists in him.

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