Bill Gates, Vaccines, and Population Control – Viva Clips

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  1. I think Mr Gates take his own advice and lead by example. He should take all the bugs and his other ideas for us low life’s himself and maybe more might get on board with his anti-human stance, which doesn’t include him, his family and all the other like minded mental midgets in the UN, NATO, WEF and so on.

  2. leftist liberal progressive democrats always ask "are you a doctor?" when you are talking about medical issues,, but they never ask bill gates when he pushes for vaccinations world wide..

  3. God forgive them for they know not what they do.

    I can't imagine what kind of a personality you would have to have to carry out such a plot worldwide. It's as if they're serial killers but on another level.

    Oh! we're not going to sneak into your bedroom and mutilate you we're going to give you a jab and feed you the bugz and turn off your heat in the winter and prevent you from going anywhere by stopping the fuel supply which will cripple the food chain.

    I honestly can't say which is worse.

    At least I'm not going through it alone.

  4. Crimes against humanity! Arrest Bill Gates immediately and all those involved. These terrorists will do anything to stay in power and to achieve their agenda. Prepare for collapse.

  5. What does not make sense is a couple has six kids and three die from getting sick. And now you have a vaccine and now only have three kids. Your still only having three kids.

    He's trying to walk around his words. He wants to give the vaccine to everyone.

  6. I know history isn’t something leftists pay Any attention to, but people manipulating animal populations has had repeated disastrous results throughout history. Now they want to try it on humans and the atmosphere.

  7. Sometimes “missing context” is missing because it doesn’t exist.
    How is “reproductive care” going to help you feel better about having fewer children? If you’re worried about your child surviving until birth you can’t decide to just have a few more at the same time….
    No, “reproductive care”, as usual, is leftist code for killing babies. That’s the only context that fits the subject of his speech.

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