Bill Gates Violates All the Covid Science For Daughter’s Wedding



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  1. Τον Χριστό πολεμούν,
    τον Πιστό τον κρεμούν.
    Η Απεραντοσύνη Της Αγάπης Του
    ρέει στις φλέβες μας.
    Είναι σε κάθε μας Κύτταρο.
    Μας ευλόγησε με Αγγελικό κυτταρικό οφθαλμό,
    που απορρίπτει κάθε υποκριτική επιβουλή.
    Όσο κι' αν προσπαθούν δόλια
    να μας δηλητηριάσουν
    με το Μπόλι, στο Άγιο Περιβόλι,
    τα θωρακισμένα Αγγελικά μας Κύτταρα τους απορρίπτουν.
    Η Θεϊκή Λιακάδα, έρχεται με την Δόξα Του Υψίστου.

  2. Gates and Soros own company supplying tests.. pushing green bill which will do away with ranching because of methane. Perfecting his protein plants . Making money on what bills being passed by Dems!

  3. Carbon emissions have raised .01ppm since 1950. We as humans breathing have nothing to do with it. They are getting away with the lie because they count on people being stupid. And they are. The damage comes from the chem trails that get into the soil and kill plants. Plants need carbon dioxide to live. They know that. The oil spilled into the oceans aren’t accidental either. They like to guilt the people into believing they are responsible for the damage.

  4. So, Bill Gates has zero elected office, no diplomatic credentials….yet, still gives this impression that he thinks he runs shit…and considering he's not in prison, he must run something… further proof that this country is fukked. …just letting rich guys do anything they want, while a nation of TV brainwashed cowards just allow this nefarious eugenicist and all of those like him, to go on, entirely unchecked. The public deserves what they get. Billions of people, controlled by a few hundred. I guess those few hundred must be the superior beings, because how else would they have pulled it off? …no, no they're not. Google "patent for mind control with television". …thats how. Get your asses of the couch, break that peice of shit that is LITERALLY controlling what you think, by using different spacing between frames, to create a flashing pattern that is too fast to notice…hence why the brain enters alpha state, in less than a minute, after you've sat down to watch. Sik

  5. The loophole is that this is a private event. As a private event it is not subject to the laws of the state and the county. As soon as you engage in business, you are subject to the laws of the state and the county. That said all of our businesses should be private entities, not public corporations. Research private membership associations. Any business can become a private membership association nearly by having a membership process, as well as bylaws. This is how the elite do it, and we can use their same tricks to subvert mandates

  6. Bill Gates main mission is to Ramp Up Vaccines, that is the objective, it's all about the vaccines, so as every World Leader, is following someone's orders in unison, it's very scary.

  7. Baal Gates thought he would never be exposed. Too bad for him, that he isn't God like he thought. He is just a immoral mass murderer, and he got exposed by the one true God. Now he is going to strike down that alter, Baal built for himself in Georgia!

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