Bill Gates Wants MRNA Cancer “Update” Vaccines To Skip FDA Approval


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  1. WHAT HE WANTS is to PATENT the code, and then hold patent rights over every human who has the snake jab. Its time for Microsoft to go down in flames. BOYCOTT everything MS. When you update your system, get a Linux.

  2. Who remembers the syphon filter series? About the programmable virus? It ties into this pretty well but i don't wanna spoil it for those who have never played. I can't but think of it when i hear about the programmable "cure". How soon until it's programmed to do something else?

  3. If our military doesn't want to keep their oath & deal with the traitors, then I invoke my right to bear arms against my enemies (foreign & domestic). My other right to free speech implies my saying this is a right, as well as my constitutional duty. These people won't help you, they are more concerned with monitoring parents over schools grooming kids. They love the leaking scotus & attacking its members

  4. this shit ain't comical or entertaining. Ted talk has chosen their side and they are against humanity. it's fucking war everyday hes not in jail we are under fucking seige.

  5. When did a computer geek get his qualification and Doctorate of Medical Science and Research so that I can qualify him as an expert that I might want to listen to?

  6. Now…. Will this be as effective as the "vaccine" we have for covid-19? Because I'll tell you it ain't working! Unless of course you want people to die and to get life altering side effects. Oh wait…. That's EXACTLY what he wants. Please let him never be seen or heard from again.

  7. Bill Gates has never been anything but a money grubbing little pervert. And that 250,000 acres that he has bought for a secret reason is going to be weaponized against everyone and one way or another. Either by taking it out of the food production circuit to help shrink our food supply domestically, or to make it unusable by either chemically screwing it up, or by growing crops there that have something not approved in them.

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