Bill Gates Wants To REMOVE Your Privacy! This Is A Big Deal!

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Written by TheQuartering

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  1. I have always used the following principle, when it comes to anything posted online..
    "Anything you post, EVER, might as well be sent directly to:
    Your Mom
    the Cops
    the Feds."
    Work under those guidelines, and I DGAF if Gates and the rest of the Zuck Cucks see what I post.

  2. What the actual heck did you just say?! Bill Gates literally says that a problem with misinformation is that there is E2E encryption, please send me exactly when and a video if possible of Bill Gates saying encryption is bad?
    What he is saying is true, the same way that drug dealers, murderers, child molesters and the whole scourge of this earth are safe. And that is a reality, of course I wouldn't actually want to not have E2E encryption and neither do the tech people simply because then they will need to moderate things as well which is also going to cost them money, so you are wrong. No one is saying to end encryption. They are stating that it also has issues with enabling bad things that humans do which is 100% true.
    Also how about some actual reporting instead of reading from two articles that have zero full sentence quotes?!

  3. Yet … child abuse and worse will still be massive and thriving ? The poor get poorer and the rich get even more richer to go about their greedy, nefarious, society ruining ways ? Bet. Gates was besties with slimey, Epstein and you wouldn't have that dirt looking after your kids, so WHY listen to, Gates about a society he doesn't even live in ??? Why is he so concerned ??? It's scary and slimey … ?

  4. Recent information that has come out about Gates' close ties to Epstein has gotten ol' Gates a wee bit panicked.
    The way he tried to diffuse the stories were quite obvious that he was lying and getting Very Nervous about.

  5. Maybe he should lead by example, and get Microsoft to deploy their Windows updates with unencrypted, non-verified, non-SSL communications? Oh wait, that would mean anyone , not just the USA government, can intercept and even malform your traffic to deploy malware or anything nefarious.

    Those that push for eroding people's privacy the loudest are often the ones that want their actions or their organisations to be shrouded in secrecy.

  6. He also wants everyone to get an mRNA vaccine that will make your DNA not only editable but patentable.. odd that a highschool drop out and software billionaire is apparently an expert on healthcare now. Most vaccines take at minimum 6 years to perfect. 17 years is the average RnD time needed to craft a vaccine.

  7. Gates did predict the pandemic in an amazing way with his TED talk (look it up here on YouTube). Also there are growing groups of idiots, particularly in Africa (where The Gates Foundation has worked to spread access to vaccines and sanitation) who are claiming vaccines are harmful and Gates himself is trying to harm people and take control there. There are some tiny broadcasting groups that share these ideas here on YouTube (again, search for it). It is crazy how wrong those people are, but they must have an audience. Anyways, I could see those rising opposing voices getting under Gates skin.

  8. Bill gates is the creepiest man alive. Only normal people calling him out nevermind corona or the economy this scumbag is literally taking over the world and trying to forcefully sterilize the planet in some mastermind plan you wouldn't even find in any work of fiction.

  9. … SCAMdemic… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Q = When SCAMdemic nearly over…???
    A = When Bill ScumbaGates is plugged in, and smoking like a bitch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. This is like the post office deciding that they have the right to open every letter and package, read them/see what it is and then decide if they feel it should be delivered.

  11. When people ask how Hitler, Stalin, Mao could do such horrible things… that's because they believe they are the nobles ones. 'Just give me the power, trust me.' In Bill Gates world, he is the nicest most noble honest caring giving virtuous person. Of course he's gonna use it for good. In my world I'm 6'2", 8" jack-johnson, millionaire with a vibrant investment portfolio, perfect father and husband, most perfect person. Give me all the power. Trust me.

  12. P x S x E x C = CO2 (carbon dioxide output)

    In the equation, P = population; S = services used by people; E= the energy needed to power those services; and C equals the carbon dioxide created by that energy. Population is of course trending ever-higher, as are the services people demand, especially in the developing world which has barely scratched the surface in terms of cars and air conditioning and other modern basics. Those two factors swamp progress in energy efficiency. Gates points out that scientists are calling for an 80 percent drop in carbon emissions by 2050 (and a total end by 2100) to stave off the most dramatic effects of climate change, yet even with more efficiency, the growth in population and services means that emissions will instead jump by 50%.

    since bill gates cant change the laws of physics he is trying hard to kill "P" people and "S" reduce our standard of living

  13. He's just salty that he can't read peoples FB messages. Since MS latest windows is basically a giant spyware. And Bill Gates is NOT a Doctor, is NOT an Epidemiologist, is NOT an expert on Anything. He just want to be in power and control. And is not happy that he is no longer the only OS. Seems to me that Google, FB and Apple don't share their own spying with him. And Google already beat him on the "knowing" everything.

  14. Join the battle against Microsoft,Google and any anti privacy plots by installing Linux and other open source software. You can help turn the tides in the war against privacy.