Bill Maher Cuts Through The Media’s COVID DELUSIONS | Louder With Crowder

Bill Maher brings ACTUAL DATA to hack-clown Jimmy Kimmel’s show. Jimmy doesn’t know how to respond. It’s almost like he’s never heard anything like it before.

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“Eat My Butt” #BillMaher #JimmyKimmel #covid

Written by CrowderBits


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  1. Me: watching and listening, sips tea, starts to choke on it, coughing everywhere
    Crowder: There’s a much stronger likelihood that u have something else
    Me: Tea ☕️😂

  2. In Australia the VAST MAJORITY of doctors are pushing the covid terror doctrine, coincidentally they also get paid $75 PER vaccine they inject ON TOP of their regular consultation fee, (not bad money for 15 seconds extra work).

  3. Wait Steven I saw a TV ad for a thermometer that said a fever is cause by COVID. It has to be bad. I never knew a fever now is only for COVID detection. Why did the school nurse jam that under your tongue? It is obvious that fevers only occur in patients with COVID.

  4. But if you go to the hospital for surgery and it turns out that you have Covid they cancel your surgery. You have to go back another day after your two week penance. Then after you go back you’re still a covid patient and they count you again, and again. One of my relatives was just hospitalized and our healthcare worker told us how they count covid cases.

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