Bill Maher Goes Ballistic Over This New Dangerous Cultural Trend | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares a clip of Bill Maher losing his cool on “Real Time” reacting to the current push for fat acceptance and body positivity despite America’s obesity epidemic and how the belief that you can be healthy at every size is having a massive real world cost.


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  1. I walked into Victoria Secret the other day with my girlfriend. I hadn't been inside one in years. I was expecting to see a store full of sexy lingerie that my girlfriend could look through. Instead I saw images of overweight women and overweight mannequins wearing normal bras and panties. Most of the store was just basic underwear and the lingerie was only in one section off to the side. I remember back in day being in Victoria Secret was like daaaaaamn but this time was like "what the hell happened?"

  2. Scientist don't know what causes obesity? I don't know how anyone can say to trust the science in any situation anymore. Scientist aren't what they used to be, or, maybe they never were.

  3. I'm obese, and to me the body positivity movement is truly psychopathic. If you push this "healthy at any weight" delusional garbage, you're basically telling me that you care more about my feelings than you do about whether I live or die. That's not comforting to me; it's terrifying.

  4. Bill was saying this about obesity pre covid. He was on Joe Rogan talking about it in 2018 or 2019. He was already annoyed by the body positivity stuff.

  5. Racism and segregation have been identified by John Hopkins and Boston Medical as a leading cause for the development of obesity which is why 60-70% of black women have fallen victim to this disease.

  6. Fat people have nothing to do with the decrease in admission to the military.. End of sentence. It has to do with Wackness in the military. Along with exposure of corruption. Where many Americans have realized they do not want to fight and die for more corruption to continue

  7. You can always find the flights to the US in the international airports. They are the ones wearing baseball caps and two to three times their normal body weight average.

  8. Bill is so out of date, 08/22 he talks about bad body positivity is, hell I knew it was bad years ago. You want how fat America is, just go to a water park. There she blows, where's my harpoon.

  9. The term "Freedom Fighter" or Fighting Freedom.
    phonetically the same thing, except Americans got a hold of the term, turned it upside down and folded it up, and now it means something else, Fighting for freedom. Stop it America.

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