Bill Maher Has A Good Take?

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  1. What Sinatra says at 5:07 I wish he'd keep in mind with races more often. BLM is not my voice, and I've heard plenty of others say the same or similar. Same with Karens or Shaniquas that clutch pearls or pitch fits when something bad happens and a "Man" is involved. As much as white people detest the panderers being their voice, so do other races detest the career victims.

  2. Never forget this is the fool Bill Maher who wanted the country to go in a recession well now he got what he wanted but under the puppet Joe Biden Bill Maher was the main reason I canceled my HBO GO account now he's trying to save his arse.

  3. Just a Gatekeeper opening the door a little bit. If you dont become more conservative as you get wiser? You cant complain when society implodes in on itself and you cant get food, or medicine. This is because PEOPLE ARE EGOTISTICAL DUMBASS'ES AND NARCISSISM IS THEIR GOD!

  4. Maher getting something right is like an eclipse: rare, periodically inevitable, not always noticeable (ie lunar), and generally painful to look at.

    In all seriousness, Maher is and has been too fundamentally wrong (factually, intellectually, and morally) about too many things over the course of his career for any of the anti-woke takes to matter. He may complain, but his ideology, wanton intellectual dishonesty, smug arrogance, and generally being the worst kind of selfish, nihilistic asshole have actively contributed to these problems.

    Until he apologizes for making Religulous, I'm not giving him credit for jack.

  5. mid teens is still to early to be making a choice like this. mid teens and even most of your teens are sociologically messed up years of most people based just on peers in school. Shouldn't even be considered until after you are 18 and they should most likely ban everything about this until at least 21 if that is what people think you need to be to drink

  6. I’m Bi and dated two transgirls and both said “I was not transitioning till 18.“ Obviously I met them after that, but yeah even they say absolutely not before then so…

  7. I am afraid that far too often groups that self Identify as oppressed or are actually oppressed get so much power in their movement they become the oppressors. What going to happen when the LGBalphabeters get to that level. What’s happens when the oppressed by them fight back.

  8. As a gay Gen Zer I gotta say he’s not wrong lol. Thankfully my age cohort seems to be mostly LGB and only 10-15% of any given classroom is “lgbtqiap2s&$++” but my sisters age group (also Gen Z) seems to have a bunch of “non-binary” kids and be a trainwreck so i honestly worry for the future a bit. Basically the higher lgbt acceptance caused more people to come out (good) but the positive attention from leftist Karen’s towards the kids who came out caused a bunch of white girls to fake it for attention (bad) and now we have all these walking disasters who think they’re some obscure letter on an ever expanding acronym shouting down LGB people for being too “heteronormative” or whatever nonsense ‘Jamie’ decides to deride them over

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