Bill Maher Is NERVOUS Trump Will Win, Democrats Go Full Racist On RNC Speakers

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  1. I doubt it would happen, but if 2020 and 2022 are Republican landslides, none of these riots last more than a night unless it’s an especially blue pocket of a deep blue state. If Democrats win they’ll pretend it’s a “summer of love” for weeks.

  2. I love how leftists will never acknowledge that they f'ed up rather blame everything on the non-existent racists.
    And then they still wonder why people are turning away from them.

  3. SJW levels of awareness: White nationalists putting up black people to make themselves feel good about white nationalism. Damn, white nationalism is sounding very inclusive and progressive the way I see it.

  4. Well Bill Maher, what new ideas or improvements do you and your kamikaze-Leftist buddies offer? Make a coherent argument why burning America down is better than law-and-order sir!

  5. do these people even think before they speak??? how does bringing out black people that support your party make white supremacists feel better about white supremacy? would the white supremacists hate this? Why would black people even want to speak in favor of white supremacists???

  6. Guy around the corner has a flag in front of his house. It is half American flag and the second half is the confederate flag. I figured he was a fellow conservative so I told him I didn't think that his flag was appropriate, trying to be friendly about it. Turns out, he's a TDS loon who hates Trump and will vote for Biden in November.

  7. I've been saying it for years, Tim. The left doesn't want equality, they want their turn to be the "oppressor." BLM doens't want equality, they want a turn holding the whip.

  8. I never thought I'd see the day when a "Libertarian" would endorse a Marxist organization. Well, let's be honest, she's not very "Libertarian"..And Bill Maher is such an idiot. I loved watching him get destroyed by Dan Crenshaw.

  9. To all the people claiming she isn't black:
    I dislike her as much as the next sane person. Let's real for a min, tho. Bob Marley's father was white, does that make him not black? This is exactly Tim 's point, you are all too caught up is bs and identity politics, not realizing your ignorance. We can make an argument she doesn't understand black culture because her father left her when she was young but she still half black. Look at what they are doing to your communities. And if you are not black, what. the fuck are you even doing sitting their debating a persons blackness. gtfo here, mane.

  10. The amazing thing is all the years in the military in my opinion i dont care what color anyone is but if they are jerks, then they are jerks. I have MANY "friends of different colors" plus my wife is native and my sister in law Korean. The left is wacked.

  11. This really resonates with me. My kids are half Asian, half "white" (I'm Irish in background). A few weeks ago, they asked me what race to identify with when they were registering to vote. Both of them think of themselves as Americans – not a race. So, they chose to put "other". My daughter has curly hair, and no one can guess her origins. My son looks slightly more Asian. However, none of us have experienced any racism where we live. No one asks them what they are, or where they came from, (but we come from a very conservative area where no one cares what "race" you are). I actually don't believe in races. We are either humans, or not.