Bill Maher Pushes Back Against Trans Extremism

Bill Maher is frequently one of the bigger shitlibs on television, but on certain issues he is willing to stray from liberal orthodoxy, and one of those issues is the rapid social changes that have attended the increased public awareness and tolerance for members of the trans community. During a recent segment Maher took issue with what he terms the “excesses” of the trans movement that may be harmful to children. Is he right to raise these issues or has Bill Maher gone too far?

Jimmy, along with The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and American comedian Kurt Metzger, discuss Maher’s attempt to move the culture with his mainstream TV show.

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  1. Puberty blocker prevent males from developing having wide shoulders and facial beard and females from developing breast and wide hips. Then they can take female or male hormones to develop as the opposite sex. Did you know that even the breast of biological males can produce milk with the hormones?

  2. Three guys talking about stuff they vaguely know something about in an effort to remain as uninformed as they were at the start of the conversation. Enlightening.

  3. You are really kind people, to care so much about other people's suffering. But it all just seems like a rich world luxury. Here, from the third world, people are happy for the basics like food and shelter. Yes, we also have enclaves of rich people, who behind their entry-controlled gated communities can agonise about their children's (English) pronouns (African languages, here in sub-Saharan Africa, don't have pronouns, BTW). The vast majority of parents are happy if they can afford to send their kids to school, pay the fees and pay for books and shoes. They are overjoyed if the kid finishes school and getting a well-paid job is nirvana.

  4. Not sorry if this offends anyone, but children should not be able to permanently change their bodies because they are not capable of making these choices I personally know two young people who have permanently caused changes to their bodies they now regret and their parents are idiots for allowing them to do this.

  5. When I was a kid, a friend's little sister was born with something wrong with her hips, so she walked with irons attached to her to keep her upright. Mothers were always discussing it at school or church – the years of surgery and suffering for the poor kid. She would be in hospital and then heal and grow before she could go for the next surgery. She was always sweet and cheerful and friendly and outgoing and laughed a lot. She used to ambush me on my way home from school to chat.
    Now you are telling me that in every classroom there are two or three kids with something so fundamentally wrong with them that it requires medical intervention over a period of years!!!

  6. I was an advocate for gender fluidity as far back as the early 90s. I no longer consider myself an ally.

    I cannot in good conscience support a movement that has engaged in smearmongering neo-MacCarthyite campaigns against the likes of Martina Navratilova or Gina Carano. Certainly the claims that Boy George was a transphobe should have woken us up to the fact that this movement is losing credibility. Claims that Glenn Greenwald is an enemy to the lgbt community demonstrate the ungrateful collateral attacks that characterise this new politic. Attempts to censor the likes of Dave Chapelle and Ricky Gervais are disgusting.

    The absolute last straw for me was calls for library boycotts. No movement in the history of human rights has ever been on the side of library boycotts. This is now an anti-intellectual movement of narcissistic crybullies who have no respect whatsoever for the achievements of those whose shoulders they stand on. Their censorious ethos has infected local arts scenes – turning everybody in my community against each other.

    I'm sick of not speaking out.

    I stopped being afraid to speak out last year when I saw the complete silence from so-called activists in the trans community in response to Israel's renewed atrocities against Palestine. Not one of the typically vocal activists in my newsfeed uttered a word in protest. It became clear to me that these people care more about pronouns than Palestinians. No wonder they're such fervent supporters of corporate censorship. They're not aware enough to know about issues beyond their own narcissistic focus. Their silence didn't go unnoticed in the BIPOC community either. The only Pride event I attended last year was filled with activists calling out the LGBT community for hostility towards non-white cultural influences – particularly Muslims. It's clear that this movement wants to dominate activist circles despite their total lack of awareness on any issue other than their own sexuality.

  7. Bill made fun of Bruce Jenner when he started pretending to be a woman. He's always been a "terf". Sex will always be binary, all intersex conditions still depend on an active/inactive SRY gene to determine males and females. There are only 2 gametes, ovum and sperm.

  8. I always remember mother Teresa who warned that abortion was becoming fashionable. I am pro-choice and know that any woman deciding on an abortion must be the hardest decision in her life. That being said society needs to be wise in what becomes fashionable.

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